Developing solutions
for enhancing
human performance


Cognitive readiness, adaptability, grit…. a short list of the critical attributes needed to confront the “worst-case-scenario” in extreme environments. The taxing performance demands of modern military missions require innovative training systems that push individuals beyond their cognitive limits - a relentless battery of tailored “worst-case” problem situations providing exactly the right challenge at the right time for each individual trainee. Immersing users in a game-like experience, our training solutions use stealth assessment technology to measure the competencies needed for peak performance in military environments. Our proprietary content adaptation algorithms and technology support efficient training - and higher job performance - in less time than traditional methods.


Productive, innovative, and engaged employees are essential to any business. AIT’s suite of technology-enabled employee selection tools combine give the applicant the chance to demonstrate their job-related strengths and weaknesses in a fair, honest, and engaging way. Using a combination of fake-resistant test content, predictive and interpretable scoring methods, and sound validation practices, AIT’s assessments let applicants preview their future job - and hiring managers preview their applicants’ future performance. Our adaptive, simulation-based assessments provide industry-spanning scenarios across retail, hospitality, safety/manufacturing, healthcare, and technology environments – and most job titles in the Occupational Information Network (O*Net) database.


Modern medicine requires high accuracy and precision in order to detect and prevent potentially life threatening complications. We are in the process of launching an augmented reality program that will have the capability of rendering a personalized three dimensional representation of patents and their medical profiles. This lowers the chances of human error by creating a virtual simulation which medical professionals can use to test different scenarios and quickly prescribe the best treatment based on the personalized information provided.   nce - in less time than traditional methods.

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