AIT is an HR technology company that creates adaptive simulation-based systems for recruitment, selection, and training. We provide custom and configurable assessments for a variety of job titles. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions that both predict and enhance job success, providing both a pre-hire glimpse into a candidate’s future strengths and weaknesses – and the metrics to improve them once hired.

Consulting for hiring and training

AIT provides custom software solutions for personnel recruitment, selection, and training.

Simulation and Training

Our simulation-based training solutions immerse the user in a realistic job environment, adapting seamlessly to the trainee’s skill level to create a consistent, personalized challenge. The SATURN training system was developed to help Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) operators maintain attentional control during long missions. Immersing the user in realistic UAS mission scenarios, the system measures an array of attentional skills including multitasking, concentration, resistance to distractions, and mental endurance – providing a baseline for the next tailored mission challenge.

Specialized Assessment Products

We provide customized, pre-employment assessment solutions for any work environment. The Work Adapt assessment line includes a combination of fake-resistant test formats and adaptive, game-based work simulations that can be configured for virtually any job title in any industry – corporate, retail, technology and defense, safety/manufacturing, aviation and transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and entertainment. The AIT team’s deep domain expertise allows us to meet our customers’ needs for tandem selection and training solutions. For example, the StealthAdapt product complements SATURN by providing a customized UAS selection system that provides tailored scenarios to measure cognitive, personality, and biographical factors to predict mission success. Contact our team to provide a customized assessment product tailored for any job title.

AIT Assessment Cloud

The AIT Assessment Cloud is a tool to automatically configure assessments for any commercial job title included in the O*Net database. The assessment cloud provides the optimal combination of game-based scenarios and fake resistant test formats to measure every critical personal attributes important for success in a given job title. Integrated O*Net search capabilities (currently in beta) allow hiring managers to search for assessment solutions by standardized or company specific job titles. Full O*Net integration is forthcoming; please contact our team with a list of job titles requiring assessments.