Agricultural Equipment Operators

Agricultural Equipment Operators

Drive and control farm equipment to till soil and to plant, cultivate, and harvest crops. May perform tasks, such as crop baling or hay bucking. May operate stationary equipment to perform post-harvest tasks, such as husking, shelling, threshing, and ginning.

Key Competencies * Persistence * Dependability * Cooperation * Attention to Detail * Independence * Initiative * Integrity * Achievement/Effort * Stress Tolerance * Self Control

Representative Tasks * Observe and listen to machinery operation to detect equipment malfunctions. * Load and unload crops or containers of materials, manually or using conveyors, handtrucks, forklifts, or transfer augers. * Mix specified materials or chemicals, and dump solutions, powders, or seeds into planter or sprayer machinery.


Agriculture Forestry Fishing & Hunting, Wholesale Trade,

Job Family Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

Sample Job Titles Agricultural Equipment Operator, Agricultural Farm Equipment Operator, Agricultural Plow Operator, Agriculture Equipment Operator, Baler, Baler Operator, Bean Picker Machine Operator, Berry Picker Machine Operator, Broomcorn Thresher, Cane Cutter Machine Operator, Cane Flume Chute Operator, Cane Flume Feeding Machine Operator, Cane Piler, Chopper Operator, Combine Driver, Corn Cutter, Corn Detasseler Machine Operator, Corn Husker Machine Operator, Cotton Baler, Cotton Chopper, Cotton Ginner, Cotton Picker Operator, Cotton Stripper, Cultivator, Cutter Operator, Dairy Machine Operator, Equipment Operator, Farm Equipment Operator, Farm Machine Tender, Farm Tractor Operator, Fertilizer Applicator, Fertilizing Machine Operator, Field Crops Harvest Machine Operator, Field Hauler, Forestry Equipment Operator, Fruit Harvest Machine Operator, Fruit Harvester Machine Operator, Fruit Loader Machine Operator, Fruit Picker Machine Operator, Fruit Thinner Machine Operator, Gin Operator, Ginner, Ginning Operator, Grain Combine Driver, Grain Combiner, Grain Thresher, Harvester, Harvester Operator, Hay Baler, Hay Chopper, Hay Rake Operator, Hay Stacker Machine Operator, Hop Picker Machine Operator, Lime Spreader, Liquid Fertilizer Servicer, Loader Operator, Machine Farmworker, Machine Milker, Machine Pecan Gatherer, Machine Pecan Picker, Milking Machine Operator, Mushroom Growth Media Mixer, Nut Sheller Machine Operator, Orange Picker Machine Operator, Packing Tractor Machine Operator, Peanut Picker, Peanut Shaker, Picker, Picker Machine Operator, Picker Operator, Planting Machine Crewman, Planting Machine Operator, Plowman, Portable Feed Mill Operator, Potato Bucker, Potato Picker, Rake Operator, Raking Machine Operator, Replanter Machine Operator, Replanting Machine Crewman, Replanting Machine Operator, Seed Potato Arranger, Sprayer, Straw Baler, Sugar Cane Planter Machine Operator, Sugar Cane Planting Equipment Operator, Thresher, Tobacco Primer Machine Operator, Transplanter Machine Operator, Vegetable Harvest Machine Operator, Vegetable Loader Machine Operator, Wheat Combine Driver, Windrower Operator.