Air Crew Members

Air Crew Members

Perform in-flight duties to ensure the successful completion of combat, reconnaissance, transport, and search and rescue missions. Duties include operating aircraft communications and detection equipment, including establishing satellite linkages and jamming enemy communications capabilities; conducting pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight inspections of onboard equipment; operating and maintaining aircraft weapons and defensive systems; operating and maintaining aircraft in-flight refueling systems; executing aircraft safety and emergency procedures; computing and verifying passenger, cargo, fuel, and emergency and special equipment weight and balance data; and conducting cargo and personnel drops.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Agriculture Forestry Fishing & Hunting, Wholesale Trade,

Job Family Military Specific

Sample Job Titles Acoustic Sensor Operator, Aerial Gunner, Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist, Airborne Battle Management Systems, Weapons Director, Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) Aircrewman, Airborne Mission Systems, Airborne Missions Systems, Airborne Operations, Airborne Radio Operator/In-Flight Refueling Observer/Loadmaster, Airman, Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician, Aviation Electronic Warfare Operator, Aviation Warfare Systems Operator (Acoustic), Aviation Warfare Systems Operator (Helicopter), Aviation Warfare Systems Operator (Non-Acoustic), Communications Operator, Crew Chief, Cryptologic Technician Operator/Analyst, Electronic Warfare Operational Intelligence Crewman, Electronic Warfare Operator, Enlisted Aircrew/Aerial Observer/Gunner, Fixed-Wing Aircraft Crew Chief, Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer, Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Mechanic, Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, Flight Communications Operator, Flight Crew Ordnanceman, Flight Engineer, Flight Engineer, Helicopter, Flight Engineer, Performance Qualified, Helicopter Crew Chief, Helicopter Search and Rescue Aircrew Swimmer, Helicopter Specialist, Helicopter Utility Aircrewman, In-Flight Refueling Craftsman, In-flight Technician, Multi-Mission Helicopter Aircrewman, Multi-Sensor Operator, Naval Aircrewman, Naval Aircrewman (Special Assignment), Naval Aircrewman Avionics, Naval Aircrewman Helicopter, Naval Aircrewman Mechanical, Naval Aircrewman Operator, Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter, Non-Acoustic Operator, Presidential Helicopter Crew Chief, Reel System Operator, Tiltrotor Crew Chief, Transport Aircrewman, Utility Aircrewman, Vertical Takeoff Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Specialist, Weapons and Tactics Instructor.