Artists and Related Workers, All Other

Artists and Related Workers, All Other

All artists and related workers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Construction,

Job Family Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media

Sample Job Titles Advertising Designer, Architectural Modeler, Art Appraiser, Art Consultant, Art Objects Repairer, Autographer, Calligrapher, Ceramic Artist, Ceramics Artist, China Painter, Colorer, Colorist, Commercial Artist, Copyist, Creative Designer, Designer, Flag Decorator, Frame Stylist, Framer, Furniture Reproducer, Greeting Card Maker, Inker and Opaquer, Ivory Carver, Memorial Designer, Music Autographer, Music Grapher, Ornamental Metalwork Designer, Photo Stylist (Photographic Stylist), Picture Copyist, Tattoo Artist, Taxidermist, Visual Artist, Visualizer.