Appraise real and personal property to determine its fair value. May assess taxes in accordance with prescribed schedules.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Dependability * Self Control * Stress Tolerance * Independence * Initiative * Concern for Others * Analytical Thinking

Representative Tasks * Determine taxability and value of properties, using methods such as field inspection, structural measurement, calculation, sales analysis, market trend studies, and income and expense analysis. * Inspect new construction and major improvements to existing structures to determine values. * Prepare and maintain current data on each parcel assessed, including maps of boundaries, inventories of land and structures, property characteristics, and any applicable exemptions.


Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Construction,

Job Family Business and Financial Operations

Sample Job Titles Appraiser, Assessor, Auditor Appraiser, City Assessor, Commercial Appraiser, County Assessor, Deputy Assessor, Easement Man, Easement Worker, Field Appraiser, Field Assessor, Field Inspector, Personal Property Appraiser, Personal Property Assessor, Physical Appraiser, Property Appraiser, Property Condition Assessor, Real Property Appraiser, Real Property Evaluator, Residential Appraiser, Review Appraiser, Right of Way Appraiser, Sole Assessor, Tangible Personal Property Appraiser, Tax Appraiser, Tax Assessor, Underwriting Field Inspector.