Automotive Specialty Technicians

Automotive Specialty Technicians

Repair only one system or component on a vehicle, such as brakes, suspension, or radiator.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Dependability * Initiative * Achievement/Effort * Cooperation * Self Control * Persistence * Stress Tolerance * Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks * Inspect vehicles for damage and record findings so that necessary repairs can be made. * Estimate costs of vehicle repair. * Repair, overhaul, or adjust automobile brake systems.


Retail Trade, Other Services (Except Public Administration),

Job Family Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Sample Job Titles A/C Technician (Air Conditioning Technician), Aerial Installer, Air Conditioning Specialist, Air-Conditioning Mechanic, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Maintenance Technician (AFV Maintenance Technician), Alternative Fuel Vehicle Repair Technician (AFV Repair Technician), Antenna Installer, Antenna Specialist, Audio Installer, Auto Accessories Installer, Auto Air Conditioning Apprentice, Auto Air Conditioning Installer, Auto Air Conditioning Mechanic, Auto Brake Mechanic, Auto Brake Technician, Auto Engine Mechanic, Auto Headlight Mechanic, Auto Heater Mechanic, Auto Mechanic Apprentice, Auto Radiator Mechanic, Auto Radiator Specialist, Auto Service Mechanic, Auto Wheel Alignment Specialist, Automatic Transmission Mechanic, Automatic Window Seat and Top Lift Repairer, Automobile Mechanic (Auto Mechanic), Automobile Radiator Mechanic, Automobile Service Advisor, Automobile Service Station Mechanic, Automobile Technician (Auto Technician), Automotive Accessory Installer, Automotive Cooling System Diagnostic Technician, Automotive Service Advisor, Automotive Service Technician (Auto Service Technician), Automotive Technician (Auto Technician), Block Mechanic, Body Wirer, Brake Adjuster, Brake Drum Lathe Operator, Brake Liner, Brake Reliner, Brake Repairer, Brake Shoe Rebuilder, Brake Specialist, Brakeman, Carburetor Expert, Carburetor Mechanic, Carburetor Rebuilder, Carburetor Specialist, Chassis Mechanic, Chassis Wirer, Clutch Mechanic, Clutch Rebuilder, Clutch Specialist, Cylinder Block Mechanic, Detailer, Diesel Retrofit Installer, Drivability Technician, Electric Vehicle Electrician, Emission Technician, Emissions Repair Technician, Engine Mechanic, Floorperson, Frameman, Framer, Front End Alignment Specialist, Front End Mechanic, Front End Specialist, Fuel Conversion Technician, Fuel Injection Servicer, Fuel Retrofitting Technician, Hand Spring Repairer, Headlight Adjuster, Heater Installer, Heavy Line Technician, Hydramatic Mechanic, Hydramatic Specialist, Hydraulic Mechanic, Hydraulic Specialist, Ignition Expert, Ignition Mechanic, Ignition Specialist, Instrument Repairer, Jeep Mechanic, Light Adjuster, Line Mechanic, Lube Technician, Magneto Specialist, Maintenance Electrician, Master Technician, Mechanic, Motor Block Mechanic, Motor Electrician, Muffler Installer, Muffler Mechanic, NASCAR Pit Crew Person, New Car Get-Ready Mechanic, Oil Bay Technician, Power Brake Rebuilder, Quick Service Technician, Race Car Mechanic, Radiator Cleaner, Radiator Mechanic, Radiator Specialist, Radiator Tester, Radio Aerial Installer, Radio Antenna Installer, Radio Installer, Remote Control Mirror Installer, Repair Technician, Safety Belt Installer, Service Advisor, Service Technician, Shop Technician, Speedometer Mechanic, Spring Floor Service Worker, Tear Down Man, Tear Down Worker, Technician, Trim Technician, Tune-Up Mechanic, Undercar Specialist, Vehicle Fuel Systems Converter, Vehicle Mechanic, Wheel Adjuster, Wheel Aligner, Wheel Alignment Mechanic, Wheel Alignment Technician, Wheel Tuner, Wheelwright.