Billing, Cost, and Rate Clerks

Billing, Cost, and Rate Clerks

Compile data, compute fees and charges, and prepare invoices for billing purposes. Duties include computing costs and calculating rates for goods, services, and shipment of goods; posting data; and keeping other relevant records. May involve use of computer or typewriter, calculator, and adding and bookkeeping machines.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Stress Tolerance * Independence * Concern for Others * Self Control * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks * Verify accuracy of billing data and revise any errors. * Operate typing, adding, calculating, or billing machines. * Prepare itemized statements, bills, or invoices and record amounts due for items purchased or services rendered.


Health Care & Social Assistance, Professional Scientific & Technical Services,

Job Family Office and Administrative Support

Sample Job Titles Accounting Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Manager, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Bill Checker, Bill Clerk, Bill of Lading Clerk, Bill of Materials Clerk (BOM Clerk), Biller, Billing Analyst, Billing and Accounting Staff Assistant, Billing Assistant, Billing Clerk, Billing Control Clerk, Billing Coordinator, Billing Manager, Billing Representative, Billing Specialist, Billing Supervisor, Billing Typist, Certified Coding Specialist, COD Clerk (Cash On Delivery Clerk), Contract Administrator, Cost Recorder, Demurrage Agent, Demurrage Clerk, Demurrage Worker, Deposit Clerk, Deposit Refund Clerk, Documentation Billing Clerk, Estimate Clerk, Evaluator, Fee Clerk, Foreign Clerk, Freight Rate Analyst, Freight Rate Clerk, Freight Rate Specialist, Insurance Coder, Insurance Rater, Insurance Specialist, Interline Clerk, Invoice Checker, Invoice Clerk, Invoice Control Clerk, Laundry Pricing Clerk, Medical Biller, Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, Medical Billing Clerk, Medical Billing Coder, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Coder, Medical Coding Specialist, Medical Insurance Biller, Medical Insurance Coder, Medical Reimbursement Specialist, Medical Voucher Clerk, Message and Delivery Service Pricer, Office Manager, Patient Account Representative, Patient Financial Representative, Patient Service Representative, Personal Property Assessor, Policy Value Calculator, Posting Clerk, Price Lister, Pricer, Pricing Clerk, Principal Account Clerk, Rate Clerk, Rate Examiner, Rate Marker, Rate Reviewer, Rate Setter, Rater, Rating Clerk, Rating Examiner, Receipt and Report Clerk, Reconciliation Clerk, Reimbursement Specialist, Revising Clerk, Sample Clerk, Securities Clerk, Services Clerk, Settlement Clerk, Spot Billing Clerk, Tax Clerk, Telegraph Service Rater, Toll Settlement Clerk, Toll Ticket Clerk, Tonnage Compilation Clerk, Traffic Rate Clerk, Traffic Rate Computer, Voucher Clerk, Wharfinger, Yard Demurrage Clerk.