Chefs and Head Cooks

Chefs and Head Cooks

Direct and may participate in the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of salads, soups, fish, meats, vegetables, desserts, or other foods. May plan and price menu items, order supplies, and keep records and accounts.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance * Integrity * Initiative * Leadership * Cooperation * Persistence * Self Control

Representative Tasks * Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations. * Check the quality of raw or cooked food products to ensure that standards are met. * Instruct cooks or other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, or presentation of food.


Transportation & Warehousing,

Job Family Food Preparation and Serving Related

Sample Job Titles Banquet Chef, Bread and Pastry Baker, Cake Froster, Cake Icer, Cake Maker, Cake Mixer, Certified Executive Chef (CEC), Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Chef de Froid, Chef Manager, Chef, Instructor, Chief Cook, Chocolatier, Confectioner, Cook, Cook Manager, Cooking Chef, Corporate Executive Chef, Cuisine Chef, Culinary Artist, Culinary Chef, Culinary Specialist, Executive Chef (Ex Chef), Executive Sous Chef, Head Baker, Head Chef, Head Cook, Head Pastry Chef, Kitchen Chef, Kitchen Manager, Kitchen Supervisor, Line Cook, Master Chef, Menu Planner, Pantry Chef, Passenger Vessel Chef, Pastry Artist, Pastry Cook, Pastry Cook Apprentice, Personal Chef, Pie Maker, Salad Chef, School Cafeteria Head Cook, Second Baker, Sous Chef, Sushi Chef, Wedding Cake Designer.