Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders

Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders

Operate or tend equipment to control chemical changes or reactions in the processing of industrial or consumer products. Equipment used includes devulcanizers, steam-jacketed kettles, and reactor vessels.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Cooperation * Integrity * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance * Initiative * Persistence * Concern for Others * Independence

Representative Tasks * Record operational data, such as temperatures, pressures, ingredients used, processing times, or test results. * Control or operate equipment in which chemical changes or reactions take place during the processing of industrial or consumer products. * Adjust controls to regulate temperature, pressure, feed, or flow of liquids or gases and times of prescribed reactions, according to knowledge of equipment and processes.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Acetone Recovery Worker, Acetylene Plant Operator, Acid Bleacher, Acid Cleaner, Acid Concentrator, Acid Condenser, Acid Extractor, Acid Maker, Acid Operator, Acid Patroller, Acid Plant Helper, Acid Polymerization Operator, Acid Purification Equipment Operator, Acid Purifier, Acid Recovery Operator, Acid Regenerator, Acid Remover, Acid Retort Operator, Acid Tender, Acid Treater, Aluminum Hydroxide Process Operator, Ammonia Distiller, Ammonia Nitrate Operator, Ammonia Still Operator, Ball Mill Operator, Blow Down Operator, Board Operator, Boiler Plant Worker, Boiling Tub Operator, Burner Operator, Butadiene Convertor Operator, C D Reactor Operator, C D Still Operator, C D Stripper, Cadmium Liquor Maker, Cat Cracker Operator, Catalyst Operator, Catalyst Recovery Operator, Catalyst Unit Operator, Catalytic Converter Operator, Catalytic Converter Operator Helper, Caustic Liquor Maker, Caustic Operator, Caustic Plant Worker, Caustic Preparer, Caustic Purification Operator, Caustic Room Operator, Causticiser, CD Reactor Operator, Cell Operator, Cell Tender, Chamber Walker, Chamber Worker, Chemical Compounder, Chemical Equipment Controller, Chemical Machine Tender, Chemical Operator, Chemical Process Equipment Operator, Chemical Process Operator, Chemical Processor, Chemical Tank Worker, Chemical Treatment Operator, Chemical Unit Operator, Chlorination Operator, Chlorinator, Chlorinator Operator, Chlorine Cells Operator, Chlorine Operator, Clay Plant Treater, Coagulating Bath Operator, Coagulating Operator, Cracking Still Operator, Cracking Unit Operator, Crystalizer Tender, Cuprous Chloride Helper, De-Ionizer Operator, Dehydrogenation Converter Operator, Desulphuring Operator, Desulphurizer Operator, Devulcanizer Loader, Devulcanizer Operator, Devulcanizer Tender, Dissolver Operator, Drug Department Worker, Dust Collector Operator, Fermenter Operator, Filteration Operator, Gas Treater, Gasoline Catalyst Operator, Generator Operator, Glycerine Plant Operator, Hydrochloric Acid Operator, Hydrogen Operator, Impregnator Operator, Ion Exchange Operator, Kettle Operator, Lye Treater, Mercury Purifier, Mercury Washer, Multiskill Operator, MVA Operator (Monovinylacetylene Operator), MVA Reactor Operator (Monovinylacetylene Reactor Operator), MVA Still Operator (Monovinylacetylene Still Operator), Neutralizer, Nitroglycerin Distributor, Nitroglycerin Neutralizer, Nitroglycerin Separator Operator, Operator, Outside Operator, Oxidation Operator, Pan Helper, Para Machine Operator, Paradi Operator, Pharmaceutical Worker, Pigment Processor, Pilot Control Operator, Plant Worker, Poacher Operator, Poly Operator, Polymerization Kettle Operator, Pond Tender, Process Operator, Production Operator, Production Technician, Purification Operator Helper, Raymond Mill Operator, Reactor Operator, Remote Pilot Operator, Resin Maker, Ripening Room Hand, Ripening Room Operator, Salt Machine Operator, Salt Maker, Salt Refiner, Soda Column Operator, Soda Dialyzer, Soda Maker, Spray Dry Operator, Sublimer, Thiokol Operator, Tower Helper, Tungsten Tender, Twitchell Operator, Vaporizer, Varnish Filterer, Vessel Operator, Viscose Cellar Charge Hand, Viscose Cellar Worker, Wet Mix Operator, White Lead Filterer, Zinc Chloride Operator.