Critical Care Nurses

Critical Care Nurses

Provide advanced nursing care for patients in critical or coronary care units.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Stress Tolerance * Attention to Detail * Concern for Others * Self Control * Integrity * Adaptability/Flexibility * Analytical Thinking * Cooperation * Social Orientation

Representative Tasks * Evaluate patients' vital signs or laboratory data to determine emergency intervention needs. * Monitor patients for changes in status and indications of conditions such as sepsis or shock and institute appropriate interventions. * Administer medications intravenously, by injection, orally, through gastric tubes, or by other methods.


Government, Finance & Insurance, Professional Scientific & Technical Services,

Job Family Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Sample Job Titles Burn Center Nurse, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Registered Nurse, Catheterization Laboratory Senior Manager (Cath Lab Senior Manager), Critical Care Nurse, Critical Care Nurse Practitioner, Critical Care Nurse Specialist, Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN), Critical Care Registered Nurse (Critical Care RN), Critical Care Unit Manager, Critical Care Unit Nurse, ICU Nurse (Intensive Care Unit Nurse), ICU Staff Nurse (Intensive Care Unit Staff Nurse), Intensive Care Registered Nurse (Intensive Care RN), Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse (ICU RN), Neonatal Critical Care Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, Pediatric Critical Care Nurse, Progressive Care Nurse, Registered Nurse Supervisor (RN Supervisor), Staff Nurse, Staff Nurse, ICU Resource Team (Staff Nurse, Intensive Care Unit Resource Team), Step-Down Nurse, Telemetry Nurse, Vascular Nurse.