Cutters and Trimmers, Hand

Cutters and Trimmers, Hand

Use hand tools or hand-held power tools to cut and trim a variety of manufactured items, such as carpet, fabric, stone, glass, or rubber.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Cooperation * Integrity * Achievement/Effort * Independence * Persistence * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Trim excess material or cut threads off finished products, such as cutting loose ends of plastic off a manufactured toy for a smoother finish. * Cut, shape, and trim materials, such as textiles, food, glass, stone, and metal, using knives, scissors, and other hand tools, portable power tools, or bench-mounted tools. * Mark or discard items with defects such as spots, stains, scars, snags, chips, scratches, or unacceptable shapes or finishes.


Government, Finance & Insurance, Professional Scientific & Technical Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Aluminum Sheet Cutter, Basting Puller, Belt Splicer, Bright Cutter, Bucker, Buttoner, Buttonhole Maker, Buttonhole Marker, Candle Cutter, Cane Cutter, Carpet Cutter, Chalk Cutter, Clipper, Cloth Cutter, Cotton Dispatcher, Cripple Worker, Cut Off Worker, Denim Cutter, Diagrammer, Dinker, Embroidery Operator, Fabric Cutter, Fabric Shearer, Fabric Trimmer, Fine Grade Operator, Fine Hairer, Fine Unhairer, Finisher, Finishing Trimmer, Flesher, Fur Cutter, Fur Plucker, Fur Trimmer, Glass Cutter, Glass Finisher, Gold Cutter, Hairspring Cutter, Hand Binder Cutter, Hand Candy Cutter, Hand Cloth Cutter, Hand Coper, Hand Cutter, Hand Endband Cutter, Hand Fabric Cutter, Hand Hose Cutter, Hand Leather Trimmer, Hand Mounter, Hand Outside Cutter, Hand Rounder, Hand Router Operator, Hand Slitter, Hand Splitter, Hand Tire Trimmer, Hand Welt-Butter, Hide Cleaner, Hide Trimmer, Hot Knife Cutter, Hot Knife Foxing Cutter, Lacing Cutter, Lacing String Cutter, Lapper, Leather Cutter, Level Vial Marker, Mat Cutter, Mesh Cutter, Mica Sizer, Mica Splitter, Mold Bunch Trimmer, Mold Cutter, Offline Cutter (Cutter), Packager, Pearler, Pompom Maker, Portable Machine Cutter, Portable Router Operator, Portable Sawyer, Power Chisel Operator, Power Hair Clipper, Preform Plate Maker, Remnants Cutter, Ribbon Cutter, Ripper, Rock Splitter, Rolled Glass Crosscutter, Rotary Shear Cutter, Rug Clipper, Rug Cutter, Sail Cutter, Sample Cutter, Scarrer, Seamer, Shaper, Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter, Shirt Trimmer, Silk Screen Cutter, Skinner, Slitter, Slot Router, Spreader, Stonework Tracer, Stripper, Target Trimmer, Template Cutter, Thread Clipper, Thread Cutter, Thread Trimmer, Trimmer, Veneer Sample Maker, Wet Machine Cutter, Wire Cutter, Wire Screen Shearer, Wire Screen Trimmer, Wood Hacker.