Cutting and Slicing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

Cutting and Slicing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

Set up, operate, or tend machines that cut or slice materials, such as glass, stone, cork, rubber, tobacco, food, paper, or insulating material.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Cooperation * Initiative * Integrity * Independence * Concern for Others * Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks * Press buttons, pull levers, or depress pedals to start and operate cutting and slicing machines. * Examine, measure, and weigh materials or products to verify conformance to specifications, using measuring devices, such as rulers, micrometers, or scales. * Set up, operate, or tend machines that cut or slice materials, such as glass, stone, cork, rubber, tobacco, food, paper, or insulating material.


Government, Finance & Insurance, Professional Scientific & Technical Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Abrasive Sawyer, Almond Cutting Machine Tender, Angle Shearer, Apple Peeler Operator, Applique Cutter, Arch Cushion Skiving Machine Operator, Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Operator, Automatic Outsole Cutter, Automatic Steel Tie Adjuster, Bag Cutter, Balloon Maker, Band Cutter, Band Saw Operator, Band Sawing Machine Operator, Bead Trimmer, Beam Press Operator, Beater Dumper, Beater Engineer, Beater Machine Operator, Beater Operator, Beater Tender, Belt Cutter, Bias Cutter, Bias Machine Operator, Binder Cutter, Binder Layer, Block Cutter, Block Splitter Operator, Blockers Skiver, Blue Prints Trimmer, Book Trimmer, Booker, Bread Slicer, Machine, Brick Setter Operator, Brush Machine Setter, Button Breaker, Button Decorating Machine Operator, Cap Cutter, Carbon Cutter, Card Cutter, Carver, Celery Cutter, Char Belt Operator, Cheese Cutter, Chipper, Chopper, Circle Shear Operator, Circular Knife Machine Cutter, Citrus Peeler, Clicker, Clicker Operator, Clicking Machine Operator, Clipper, Comb Machine Operator, Compensator, Computer Numerical Control Operator (CNC Operator), Concaving Machine Operator, Concrete Saw Operator, Converting Operator, Cord Cutter, Core Cutter and Reamer, Cork Cutter, Corn Cutter, Corner Cutter, Counter Cutter, Cover Cutter, Crayon Sawyer, Crystal Cutter, Cube Cutter, Cut Off Operator Scorer, Cut-Lace Machine Operator, Cut-Off Machine Operator, Cutter, Cutter Down, Cutter Finisher, Cutter Machine Tender, Cutter Operator, Cutter Out, Cutter Tender, Cutting and Creasing Press Operator, Cutting Machine Tender, Cutting Pressman, Cylinder Die Machine Operator, Debeader, Decal Cutter, Decorative Cutting Machine Tender, Defective Cigarette Slitter, Deskidding Machine Operator, Diamond Cutter, Die Cutter, Die Cutter Operator, Die Cutting Machine Operator, Die Stamper, Dog Food Shredder Operator, Drum Operator, Edge Trimmer, Emblem Cutter, Excelsior Cutter, Feather Sawyer, Fiber Product Cutting Machine Operator, Filler Shredder, First Beater, Fish Cleaner Machine Tender, Flake Cutter Operator, Flat Cutter, Flat Machine Cutter, Fleshing Machine Operator, Fluid Jet Cutter Operator, Foil Stamp Operator, Foxer, Foxing Cutting Machine Operator, Frozen Meat Cutter, Fruit Peeler, Fur Cutter, Gauge Operator, Glass Cut-Off Tender, Glass Cutter, Glass Cutting Machine Operator, Graduating Machine Operator, Granulating Machine Operator, Groover, Groover and Turner, Groover Operator, Groover Runner, Grooving Machine Operator, Guillotine Operator, Guillotine Trimmer, Gum Scoring Machine Operator, Hasher, Hasher Machine Operator, Hasher Operator, Head Insulation Board Saw Operator, Heel Gouger, Hot Die Press Operator, Hot Die-Press Operator, Hot Mill Shearer, Ice Crusher, Ice Cutter, Ice Grinder, Inseam Trimmer, Insert Cutter, Insole Beveler, Insulation Batting Machine Operator, Insulation Cutter, Insulation Cutter and Former, Knife Operator, Lap Cutter, Last Pattern Grader, Lay-Ups Assembler, Leather Carver, Leather Heel Breaster, Lens Cutter, Lining Cutter, Link Cutter, Lip-of-Shank Cutter, Loop Cutter, Looper, Machine Cutter, Machine Featheredger and Reducer, Machine Filler Shredder, Machine Heel-Seat Fitter, Machine Joint Cutter, Machine Leather Trimmer, Machine Operator, Machine Operator Slitter Technician, Machine Rough Rounder, Machine Skiver, Machine Splitter, Machine Stonecutter, Machine Stripper-Cutter, Machine Trimmer, Machine Zipper Trimmer, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Mink Slicer, Miter Cutter, Molded Rubber Goods Cutter, Molding Cutter, Mooner, Mottle Lay Up Operator, Mushroom Cutter, Nail Cutter, Nicker, Optical Glass Sawyer, Pad Cutter, Panel Machine Operator, Panel Machine Setter, Paper Box Cutter, Paper Cutter, Paper Cutting Machine Operator, Paper Slitter, Paring Machine Operator, Partition Making Machine Operator, Pattern Cutter, Peeler, Pepper Cutter, Perforating Machine Operator, Pickle Cutter, Pinker, Pinking Machine Operator, Pipe Blanks Cut-Off Saw Operator, Pipe Cutter, Pitting Machine Operator, Plate Shear Operator, Platen Press Operator, Plug Cutter, Plug Cutting Machine Operator, Ply Cutter, Pole-Peeling Machine Operator, Potato Peeler, Powder Cutting Operator, Power Shear Operator, Press Cutter, Presser, Print Cutter, Pulp Beater, Quartz Cutter, Quartz Mounter, Rag Cutting Machine Tender, Rawhide Trimmer, Ream Cutter, Record Cutter, Refractory Grinder Operator, Ripper, Ripshear Operator, Rock Cutter, Rock Splitter, Roll Cutter, Roll Sheeting Cutter, Roll Slicing Machine Tender, Roll-Up Guider Operator, Rope Cutter, Rotary Cutter, Rotary Cutter Operator, Rotary Machine Operator, Rotary Operator, Round Corner Cutter Operator, Rounder, Rounding Machine Operator, Rubber Cutter, Rubber Cutting Machine Tender, Rubber Splicer, Rubber Trimmer, Saddle Cutter, Saddler, Sample Book Maker, Sample Box Maker, Sample Cutter, Sample Sawyer, Saw Operator, Sawyer, Scabbler, Scaling Machine Operator, Scroll Shear Operator, Seed Potato Cutter, Shade Cutter, Shaping Machine Operator, Shaving Machine Operator, Shear Operator, Shear Setter, Shearer, Shearing Machine Feeder, Shearing Machine Operator, Shearing Machine Tender, Sheet Taker, Sheeter, Sheeter Operator, Shredder, Shredder Tender, Sink Cutter, Sizing Machine Tender, Ski Top Trimmer, Skiver, Skiver Operator, Slasher, Slate Cutter, Slate Trimmer, Slice Plug Cutter Operator, Slicing Machine Operator, Slicing Machine Operator/Tender, Slitter, Slitter Cut Off Operator, Slitter Operator, Slitter-Scorer, Slitter-Scorer-Cut-Off Operator, Slitting Machine Operator, Slotter Operator, Smoking Tobacco Cutter Operator, Splitter Operator, Splitter Tender, Splitting Machine Operator, Square Shear Operator, Squaring Shear Operator, Stem Cutter, Stock Cutter, Stock Layer, Stone Circular Sawyer, Stone Driller, Stone Gang Sawyer, Stone Sawyer, Stone Splitter, Stone Trimmer, Straight Knife Machine Cutter, Strap Cutting Machine Operator, Strip Cutter, Strip Cutting Machine Operator, Stripper, Sugar Chipper Machine Operator, Tablet Machine Operator, Tablet Making Machine Operator, Tack Cutter, Tape Cutter, Tenoner Operator, Three Knife Trimmer, Threshing Operator, Tile Power Shear Operator, Tip Cutter, Tire Regrooving Machine Operator, Tobacco Cutter, Top Cutter, Tread Cutter, Trimmer Machine Operator, Trimming Cutter, Trimming Machine Operator, Trimming Operator, Tube Cutter, Tube Cutter Operator, Tube Sizer and Cutter Operator, Tube Sizer Operator, Tube Skiver, Tuber Machine Cutter, Type Cutter, Umbrella Cutter, Unhairer, Unhairing Machine Operator, Unishear Operator, V Belt Skiver, V Groove Cutter, Vegetable Cutter, Vibrator Operator, Washer Engineer, Watch Crystal Cutter, Wax Cutter, Welt Cutter, Width Stripper, Window Cutter, Window Shade Cutter, Wire Sawyer, Wire Turning Machine Operator, Woodwind Reeds Cutter, Zipper Cutter.