Database Architects

Database Architects

Design strategies for enterprise database systems and set standards for operations, programming, and security. Design and construct large relational databases. Integrate new systems with existing warehouse structure and refine system performance and functionality.

Key Competencies * Analytical Thinking * Attention to Detail * Initiative * Integrity * Dependability * Innovation * Persistence * Achievement/Effort * Stress Tolerance * Leadership

Representative Tasks * Collaborate with system architects, software architects, design analysts, and others to understand business or industry requirements. * Design databases to support business applications, ensuring system scalability, security, performance and reliability. * Develop database architectural strategies at the modeling, design and implementation stages to address business or industry requirements.


Finance & Insurance, Administrative & Support Services, Retail Trade,

Job Family Computer and Mathematical

Sample Job Titles Data Administrator, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Base Design Analyst, Data Manager, Data Modeler, Data Officer, Data Warehouse Architect, Database Analyst, Database Architect, Database Consultant, Database Design Analyst, Database Designer, Database Engineer, Database Modeler, Enterprise Architect, Information Architect, Information Engineer, Information Modeling Engineer Specialist, Information Technology Architect (IT Architect), Infrastructure Architect, Knowledge Architect, Management Analyst, SharePoint Architect, Solutions Architect, SQL Server Developer (Structured Query Language Server Developer), System Engineer, Technical Operations Vice President.