Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Repair, test, adjust, or install electronic equipment, such as industrial controls, transmitters, and antennas.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Independence * Analytical Thinking * Adaptability/Flexibility * Integrity * Persistence * Self Control * Stress Tolerance * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Test faulty equipment to diagnose malfunctions, using test equipment or software, and applying knowledge of the functional operation of electronic units and systems. * Study blueprints, schematics, manuals, or other specifications to determine installation procedures. * Repair or adjust equipment, machines, or defective components, replacing worn parts, such as gaskets or seals in watertight electrical equipment.


Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Government,

Job Family Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Sample Job Titles Access Control Installer, Aerial Erector, Aerial Installer, Amplifier Mechanic, Automation Mechanic, Boardman, Certified Control Systems Technician, Commercial Control Technician, Computerized Environmental Control Installer, Control Equipment Electrician, Control Systems Technician, Control Technician, Electrical and Instrument Mechanic, Electrical and Instrument Technician (E&I Tech), Electrical and Instrumentation Mechanic, Electrical Assistant, Electrical Instrument Craftsman, Electrical Maintenance Technician, Electrical Service Change Journeyman, Electrical Service Journeyman, Electrical Service Technician, Electrical Technician, Electrician Technician, Electronic Device Repairer, Electronic Equipment Repairmen, Electronic Sales and Service Technician, Electronics Mechanic Apprentice, Electronics Technician, Field Service Engineer, Field Service Technician, Field Technician, Gear Technician, Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairer, I&C Tech (Instrument and Control Technician), Industrial Aerial Installer, Industrial Robotics Mechanic, Instrument and Electrical Technician (I&E Tech), Maintenance Technician, Mechatronics Technician, Meteorological Equipment Repairer, Metrology Technician, Microwave Technician, Missile Pad Mechanic, Plant and Maintenance Technician, Plant Electrician, Power Generation Equipment Repairer, Printed Circuit Board Reworker, Public Address System Mechanic, Radar Mechanic, Radar Repair and Installation Technician, Radar Repairer, Radar Technician, Radio Antenna Installer, Radio Interference Expert, Radio Interference Investigator, Radioactivity Instrument Maintenance Technician, Relay Operator, Relay Technician, Relay Testing Technician, Repair Technician, Robotics Mechanic, SCADA Technician (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Technician), Scale Technician, Semiconductor Wafers Probe Test Card Repairer, Service Technician, Substation Relay Technician, Substation Technician, Technical Support Specialist, Test Technician, Utilities Equipment Repairer, Wireman.