Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Research, design, develop, test, or supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Analytical Thinking * Persistence * Integrity * Dependability * Cooperation * Achievement/Effort * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance

Representative Tasks * Operate computer-assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering tasks. * Confer with engineers, customers, or others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects or products. * Prepare technical drawings, specifications of electrical systems, or topographical maps to ensure that installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements.


Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Government,

Job Family Architecture and Engineering

Sample Job Titles Automation Engineer, Cable Engineer, Circuits Engineer, Controls Engineer, Design Engineer, Distribution Engineer, Distribution Field Engineer, District Plant Engineer, Division Engineer, Division Plant Engineer, Electrical Controls Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Electrical Designer, Electrical Electronics Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electrical Integrator, Electrical Products Engineer, Electrical Project Engineer, Electrical Prospecting Engineer, Electrical Research Engineer, Electrical Test Engineer, Electrolysis and Corrosion Control Engineer, Electrolysis Engineer, Electrolysis Investigator, Engineer, Engineer of System Development, Facilities Engineer, Failure Analysis Technician, Field Engineer, Geothermal Electrical Engineer, Hardware Design Engineer, Hydroelectric Plant Electrical Engineer, Illuminating Engineer, Induction Coordination Engineer, Induction Coordination Power Engineer, Instrumentation and Electrical Reliability Engineer (I&E Reliability Engineer), Instrumentation Engineer, Laser Engineer, Lighting Engineer, Line Construction Engineer, Meter Engineer, Microwave Supervisor, Outside Plant Engineer, Photovoltaic Power Systems Engineer (PV Power Systems Engineer), Photovoltaic Solar Cell Designer (PV Solar Cell Designer), Plant Engineer, Power Distribution Engineer, Power Generation Engineer, Power System Electrical Engineer, Power Systems Engineer, Power Transmission Engineer, Project Engineer, Protection Engineer, Radio Frequency Engineer (RF Engineer), Relay Engineer, Results Engineer, Rural Electrification Engineer, Service Engineer, Smart Grid Engineer, Solar Designer, Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE), Systems Engineer, Telecommunication Engineer, Telephone Engineer, Test Engineer, Testing Engineer, Traffic Engineer, Traffic Routing Engineer, Transmission Engineer, Utility Engineer, Wind Farm Electrical Systems Designer, Wind Turbine Electrical Engineer, Wire Communications Engineer.