Electromechanical Equipment Assemblers

Electromechanical Equipment Assemblers

Assemble or modify electromechanical equipment or devices, such as servomechanisms, gyros, dynamometers, magnetic drums, tape drives, brakes, control linkage, actuators, and appliances.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Dependability * Cooperation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Analytical Thinking * Independence * Achievement/Effort * Self Control * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Position, align, and adjust parts for proper fit and assembly. * Inspect, test, and adjust completed units to ensure that units meet specifications, tolerances, and customer order requirements. * Assemble parts or units, and position, align, and fasten units to assemblies, subassemblies, or frames, using hand tools and power tools.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Air-Conditioning Coil Assembler (AC Coil Assembler), Appliance Assembler, Assembler, Bearing Ring Assembler, Bench Precision Assembler, Burglar Alarm Assembler, Console (Organs) Assembler, Electrical Assembler, Electrical Machine Builder, Electromechanical Assembler, Electromechanical Builder, Electromechanical Equipment Assembler, Electromechanical Technician, Electronic Assembler, Electronic Technician, Electronics Assembler, Household Appliance Assembler, Hydraulic Governor Assembler, Machine Assembler, Manufacturing Assembler, Mechanic, Mechanical Assembler, Mechanical Ordnance Assembler, Microwave Oven Assembler, Photographic Equipment Assembler, Production Associate, Programmable Logic Controller Assembler, Radio Assembler, Record Changer Assembler, Refrigerator Assembler, Segment Assembler, Servomechanism Assembler, Subassembler, Synchronous Motor Assembler, Typewriter Assembler, Vacuum Cleaner Assembler, Vending Machine Assembler, Washer Assembler, Wave Guide Assembler, Wiring Technician, Xerox Machine Assembler.