Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary

Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary

Teach courses pertaining to the application of physical laws and principles of engineering for the development of machines, materials, instruments, processes, and services. Includes teachers of subjects such as chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, mineral, and petroleum engineering. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research.

Key Competencies * Analytical Thinking * Integrity * Dependability * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Attention to Detail * Innovation * Independence * Cooperation * Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks * Prepare course materials, such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts. * Evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory work, assignments, and papers. * Conduct research in a particular field of knowledge and publish findings in professional journals, books, or electronic media.


Educational Services,

Job Family Education, Training, and Library

Sample Job Titles Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Professor, Aeronautical Engineering Professor, Aeronautical Engineering Teacher, Aeronautics Teacher, Agricultural Engineering Teacher, Applied Mechanics Teacher, Architectural Engineering Teacher, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Automotive Engineering Teacher, Chemical Engineering Professor, Chemical Engineering Teacher, Civil Engineering Teacher, College Faculty Member, College Professor, Design Teacher, Drafting Teacher, Drawing Instructor, Electrical Engineering Professor, Electrical Engineering Teacher, Electronic Science Teacher, Electronics Teacher, Engineering Faculty Member, Engineering Instructor, Engineering Professor, Engineering Teacher, Environmental Engineering Professor, Geological Engineering Teacher, Heat Engineering Teacher, Highway Engineering Teacher, Hydraulics Teacher, Instructor, Lecturer, Machine Design Teacher, Marine Engineering Professor, Marine Engineering Teacher, Mechanical Drawing Teacher, Mechanical Engineering Professor, Mechanical Engineering Teacher, Metallography Teacher, Metallurgical Engineering Teacher, Metallurgy Teacher, Mining Teacher, Motion and Time Study Teacher, Petroleum Engineering Professor, Petroleum Engineering Teacher, Plastics Engineering Teacher, Professor, Radar Engineering Teacher, Radio Engineering Teacher, Refrigeration Engineering Teacher, Research Professor, Sanitary Engineering Teacher, Ship Construction Teacher, Ship Design Teacher, Surveying Teacher, Technical Professor, Television Engineering Teacher, Theoretical Mechanics Teacher, University Faculty Member.