Farm and Ranch Managers

Farm and Ranch Managers

Plan, direct, or coordinate the management or operation of farms, ranches, greenhouses, aquacultural operations, nurseries, timber tracts, or other agricultural establishments. May hire, train, or supervise farm workers or contract for services to carry out the day-to-day activities of the managed operation. May engage in or supervise planting, cultivating, harvesting, financial, or marketing activities.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Independence * Dependability * Initiative * Attention to Detail * Innovation * Persistence * Achievement/Effort * Adaptability/Flexibility * Leadership

Representative Tasks * Monitor activities, such as irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, milking, breeding, or grading, to ensure adherence to safety regulations or standards. * Direct crop production operations, such as planning, tilling, planting, fertilizing, cultivating, spraying, or harvesting. * Maintain financial, operational, production, or employment records for farms or ranches.


Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Government,

Job Family Management

Sample Job Titles Accredited Farm Manager (AFM), Agricultural Crop Farm Manager, Agriculture Manager, Animal Husbandry Manager, Apiarist, Apiculturist, Arboriculturist, Assistant Farm Operations Manager, Barn and Property Manager, Beef Farmer, Bush and Vine Fruit Crop Farmer, Cash Crop Farmer, Cash Grain Farmer, Cash Grain Grower, Cattle Farmer, Coffee Farmer, Corn Grower, Cotton Farmer, Cotton Grower, Crop or Livestock Tenant Farmer, Crop, Grain, or Livestock Farm Manager, Crop, Grain, or Livestock Farmer, Cropper, Dairy Farm Operator, Dairy Farmer, Dairy Grazer, Dairyman, Diversified Crops Farmer, Dryland Farmer, Energy Crop Farmer, Farm Facility Manager, Farm Field Manager, Farm Manager, Farm Operator, Farm Rancher, Farmer, Feedlot Manager, Field Crop Farmer, Field Horticultural Specialty Grower, Field Manager, Fox Raiser, Fruit Farmer, Fruit Grower, Fruit or Nut Crops Farm Manager, Fruit or Nut Farmer, Fruit Raiser, Fruit Rancher, Fur Farmer, Game Bird Farmer, Game Breeding Farm Manager, General Farm Manager, General Farmer, Grain Farmer, Hatchery Manager, Herb Grower, Herdsman, Hog Raiser, Horse Rancher, Horticultural Farm Manager, Horticultural Farmer, Inside Horticultural Specialty Grower, Livestock Farm Manager, Livestock Producer, Livestock Rancher, Mink Rancher, Muck Farmer, Orchardist, Pig Farmer, Pineapple Plantation Manager, Poultry Barn Manager, Poultry Farmer, Poultry Hatchery Manager, Poultryman, Production Superintendent, Ranch Manager, Rancher, Rat Farmer, Reptile Farmer, Seed Corn Production Manager, Sod Farmer, Sow Farm Manager, Stockman, Sugar Cane Planter, Sugar Plantation Manager, Tobacco Grower, Tree Fruit and Nut Crops Farmer, Truck Farmer, Turf Farmer, Vegetable Farmer, Vineyardist, Viticulturist, Worm Farmer.