First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers

First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of construction or extraction workers.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Leadership * Cooperation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance * Self Control * Achievement/Effort * Integrity * Concern for Others

Representative Tasks * Supervise, coordinate, or schedule the activities of construction or extractive workers. * Inspect work progress, equipment, or construction sites to verify safety or to ensure that specifications are met. * Assign work to employees, based on material or worker requirements of specific jobs.


Finance & Insurance, Government,

Job Family Construction and Extraction

Sample Job Titles Acoustical Tile Carpenters Supervisor, Adjustable Steel Joist Setting Supervisor, Asbestos Removal Supervisor, Asphalt Paving Supervisor, Assistant Construction Superintendent, Assistant Foreman, Awning Hanger Supervisor, Bailer Operators Supervisor, Bailer Tenders Supervisor, Bank Boss, Billposting Supervisor, Boss Miner, Brick Chimney Supervisor, Bricklayer Supervisor, Brickmason Contractor, Brickmason Supervisor, Bridge Contractor, Builder, Building Construction Contractor, Building Construction Superintendent, Building Contractor, Building Dismantler, Building Insulation Supervisor, Building Mover, Building Repair Maintenance Supervisor, Building Superintendent, Building Supervisor, Building Wrecker, Carpenter Foreman, Carpenter Supervisor, Carpenters Supervisor, Carpentry Supervisor, Cement Contractor, Cement or Concrete Finishing Supervisor, Chief Electrician, Chimney Construction Supervisor, Clearing Supervisor, Co-Supervisor Grounds and Landscape, Commercial Construction Foreman/Walls/Ceilings, Commercial Sheet Metal Foreman, Concrete Foreman, Concreting Supervisor, Construction Contractor, Construction Foreman, Construction Superintendent, Construction Supervisor, Construction Supervisor/Carpenter, Core Drilling Supervisor, Craft Coordinator, (Estimator, Manage, Plan, Schedule, Hire and Fire), Crew Chief, Crew Chief Ii, Crew Supervisor, Derrick Builder, Dike Supervisor, Dimension Stone Quarry Supervisor, Doping Supervisor, Dredge Operator Supervisor, Drilling Contractor, Drilling Field Specialist, Drilling Foreman, Drilling Superintendent, Drywall Application Supervisor, Drywall Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Electrical Foreman, Electrical Supervisor, Electrician Supervisor, Excavating Contractor, Excavating Supervisor, Face Boss, Fence Erector Supervisor, Fence Installer Foreman, Field Assembly Supervisor, Field Operations Supervisor, Field Specialist, Field Superintendent, Field Supervisor, Foreman, Foreman or Supervisor and Operator, Foreman/Pile Driving and Erection, Foreman/Project Manager, Framing Manager, Gang Supervisor, Gas Line Installer Supervisor, General Foreman, General Superintendent, Glazier Supervisor, Harvesting Supervisor, Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Home Builder, House Mover Supervisor, House Moving Supervisor, Independent Producer, Insulation Foreman, Insulation Supervisor, Iron and Steel Work Supervisor, Job Foreman, Job Site Superintendent, Job Site Supervisor, Job Superintendent, Joiners Supervisor, Labor Crew Supervisor, Labor Gang Supervisor, Lathing Supervisor, Leadman, Lock Maintenance Supervisor, Longwall Foreman, Mains and Service Supervisor, Maintenance and Utilities Supervisor, Maintenance of Way Supervisor, Marble Installer Supervisor, Marble Supervisor, Mason Foreman/Superintendant, Masonry Contractor, Masonry Supervisor, Mine Boss, Mine Captain, Mine Foreman, Mine Shifter, Mine Superintendent, Mine Supervisor, Mining Captain, Mixing Place Supervisor, Mold Construction Supervisor, Oil Developer, Oil Field Rig Builder, Oil Operator, Oil Producer, Oil Well Services Field Supervisor, Oil Well Services Supervisor, On Site Construction Superintendent, Open Pit Quarry Supervisor, Operation Shift Supervisor, Operation Supervisor, Ornamental Ironworking Supervisor, Painter Supervisor, Painting Contractor, Painting Supervisor, Paperhanger Contractor, Paperhanger Supervisor, Paving Contractor, Paving Crew Foreman, Paving Supervisor, Pile Driving Supervisor, Pipe Fitter Supervisor, Pipeline Gang Supervisor, Pipeline Maintenance Supervisor, Pipeline Superintendent, Pipelines Supervisor, Pit Supervisor, Plastering Contractor, Plastering Supervisor, Plumber Supervisor, Plumbing and Heating Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Plumbing Foreman, Prefabricated Homes Field Assembly Supervisor, Producer, Production Superintendent, Project Manager, Project Superintendent, Quarry Boss, Quarryman, Railroad Track Repair Supervisor, Reclamation Supervisor, Reinforced Steel Placing Supervisor, Rig Builder, Rig Manager, Rig Superintendent, Rig Supervisor, Rigging Supervisor, Right-of-Way Maintenance Supervisor, Riprap Placing Supervisor, Road Boss, Road Contractor, Road Gang Supervisor, Road Supervisor, Roof Foreman, Roofing Contractor, Roofing Foreman, Roofing Superintendent, Roofing Supervisor, Roustabout Crew Leader, Sanitary Landfill Supervisor, Section Supervisor, Segmental Paving Supervisor, Senior Foreman, Sewer Maintenance Supervisor, Sheet Metal Contractor, Sheet Metal Duct Worker Supervisor, Sheet Metal Superintendent, Sheet Metal Supervisor, Shift Boss, Shift Foreman, Shifter, Shiftman, Shipyard Painting Supervisor, Sign Builder Supervisor, Sign Hanger Supervisor, Site Foreman, Site Superintendent, Site Supervisor, Sludge Mill Operator, Solar Panel Installation Supervisor, Steam Distribution Supervisor, Steamfitter Supervisor, Steel Erecting Pusher, Steel Pan Form Placing Supervisor, Steel Post Installer Supervisor, Stonemason Supervisor, Street Contractor, Street Supervisor, Structural Steel Erection Supervisor, Suction Dredge Pipe Line Placing Supervisor, Superintendent, Supervisor, Supervisor (Masonry), Supervisor of Way, Surface Boss, Surface Supervisor, Swimming Pool Maintenance Supervisor, Tank Builder Supervisor, Tankage Supervisor, Taping Supervisor, Terrazzo Supervisor, Test Boring Crew Chief, Tile Layer Supervisor, Tool Pusher, Track Repair Supervisor, Track Subway Repair Supervisor, Track Superintendent, Track Supervisor, Track-Laying Supervisor, Traffic Maintenance Supervisor, Traffic Sign Supervisor, Tunnel Heading Supervisor, Underground Production Foreperson, Underground Supervisor, Utilities and Maintenance Supervisor, Water and Sewer Systems Supervisor, Water Softener Service Supervisor, Waterproofing Supervisor, Welding Foreman, Wood Boat Builder Supervisor, Working Supervisor, Wrecking Supervisor.