First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers

First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of retail sales workers in an establishment or department. Duties may include management functions, such as purchasing, budgeting, accounting, and personnel work, in addition to supervisory duties.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Stress Tolerance * Leadership * Cooperation * Dependability * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Attention to Detail * Concern for Others * Social Orientation

Representative Tasks * Provide customer service by greeting and assisting customers and responding to customer inquiries and complaints. * Direct and supervise employees engaged in sales, inventory-taking, reconciling cash receipts, or in performing services for customers. * Monitor sales activities to ensure that customers receive satisfactory service and quality goods.


Retail Trade,

Job Family Sales and Related

Sample Job Titles Agent, Antique Collector, Antique Dealer, Art Dealer, Art Gallery Director, Auto Leasing Manager, Auto Parts Manager, Auto Rental Supervisor, Automobile Leasing Supervisor, Bakery Manager, Branch Manager, Branch Store Manager, Car Rental Manager, Cashier Manager, Cashier Supervisor, Concession Manager, Convenience Store Manager, Dairy Department Manager, Dairy Store Manager, Delicatessen Department Manager, Delicatessen Manager, Delicatessen Store Manager, Department Manager, Department Sales Manager, Department Supervisor, Division Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, Floral Manager, Florist Manager, Flower Shop Manager, Food Checkers and Cashiers Supervisor, Food Concession Manager, Frozen Food Department Manager, Grocer, Grocery Manager, Grocery Store Manager, Grocery Supervisor, Ice Storage, Sales, and Delivery Supervisor, Jewelry Department Supervisor, Key Carrier, Key Holder, Lumber Sales Supervisor, Machinery or Equipment Rental and Leasing Manager, Management Shift Supervisor, Managing Jeweler, Marina Sales and Service Supervisor, Meat Department Manager, Merchandise Coordinator, Millinery Department Manager, Music Store Manager, Parts Department Manager, Parts Department Supervisor, Parts Manager, Parts Sales Manager, Pawn Broker, Pawn Shop Keeper, Pawnbroker, Post Exchange Manager (PX Manager), Produce Department Manager, Produce Department Supervisor, Ready to Wear Department Manager, Rental Manager, Retail Grocer, Retail Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Retail Shift Supervisor, Retail Specialist, Retail Store Manager, Retail Supervisor, Sales Clerk Supervisor, Sales Supervisor, Shift Manager, Shift Supervisor, Shop Manager, Showroom Manager, Station Manager, Stock Manager, Store Manager, Store Operations Head, Store Supervisor, Storekeeper, Supermarket Manager, Used Car Sales Supervisor, Vending Stand Supervisor.