Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

Use nets, fishing rods, traps, or other equipment to catch and gather fish or other aquatic animals from rivers, lakes, or oceans, for human consumption or other uses. May haul game onto ship.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Initiative * Persistence * Attention to Detail * Self Control * Achievement/Effort * Independence * Stress Tolerance * Integrity * Cooperation

Representative Tasks * Put fishing equipment into the water and anchor or tow equipment, according to the fishing method used. * Steer vessels and operate navigational instruments. * Remove catches from fishing equipment and measure them to ensure compliance with legal size.


Job Family Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

Sample Job Titles Abalone Fisherman, Albacore Fishing Boat Crewman, Bait Man, Beachman, Billet Cutter, Blue Crabber, Boat Deckhand, Boat Officer, Boat Puller, Captain, Cat Swamper, Catcher, Chain Person, Chain Puller, Chainer, Choker, Choker Hooker, Chummer, Chute Greaser, Chute Tender, Clam Digger, Clam Dredge Boat Captain, Clam Dredger, Clam Picker, Clam Sorter, Clipper, Commercial Crabber, Commercial Fisher, Commercial Fisherman, Commercial Fishing Vessel Operator, Commercial Ocean Clammer, Commercial Shrimping Captain, Crab Catcher, Crab Fisher, Crab Fisherman, Crabber, Crew Member, Cruiser, Deckhand, Deep Sea Diver, Derrick Follower, Digger, Diver, Diving Fisher, Drag Seiner, Dulser, Eeler, First Mate, Fish Pitcher, Fish Seiner, Fish Tender, Fish Trapper, Fish, Frog, or Oyster Farmer, Fisherman, Fisherman Helper, Fishing Boat Captain, Fishing Vessel Captain, Fishing Vessel Deckhand, Fishing Vessel Mate, Fishing Vessel Operator, Fishing Worker, Frog Catcher, Frog Farmer, Gaffman, Gunner, Harpooner, Hook Tender, Hooker, Hooker On, Hooker Up, Hookman, Hunter Skin Diver, Irish Moss Bleacher, Irish Moss Gatherer, Kelp Cutter, Kelp Gatherer, Landing Worker, Line Fisher, Lobster Catcher, Lobster Fisherman, Lobster Man, Lobsterman, Menhaden Fishing Crew Member, Menhaden Vessel Pilot, Moss Bleacher, Moss Gatherer, Mule Rider, Net Fisher, Net Mender, Net Repairer, Netter, Ocean Clam Boat Captain, Otter Trawler Boatswain, Oyster Culler, Oyster Dredger, Oyster Fisherman, Oyster Floater, Oyster Harvester, Oyster Picker, Oyster Planter, Oyster Tonger, Oysterman, Pearl Digger, Pearl Fisherman, Pilot, Planter, Pot Fisher, Purse Seiner, Quahogger, Roller, Salmon Gillnet Vessel Operator, Salmon Troll Fisher, Scallop Dredger, Scalloper, Sea Shell Gatherer, Seafood Fisherman, Seaman, Seaweed Harvester, Second Mate, Second Officer, Shell Fisherman, Shellfish Bed Worker, Shellfish Dredge Operator, Shellfish Grower, Shrimp Trawler, Shrimp Trawler Captain, Shrimper, Shrimping Boat Captain, Skiff Operator, Skipper, Spear Fisher, Sponge Clipper, Sponge Fisherman, Sponge Hooker, Sternman, Striker, Terrapin Fisher, Third Mate, Tonger, Trawler, Troller, Tuna Purse Seiner, Underwater Hunter Trapper, Vessel Crew Member, Waterman, Weir Fisher, Weir Fisherman, Whale Fisherman, Wild Oyster Harvester, Wire Web Worker.