Food Batchmakers

Food Batchmakers

Set up and operate equipment that mixes or blends ingredients used in the manufacturing of food products. Includes candy makers and cheese makers.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Integrity * Self Control * Stress Tolerance * Persistence * Independence * Initiative * Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks * Record production and test data for each food product batch, such as the ingredients used, temperature, test results, and time cycle. * Follow recipes to produce food products of specified flavor, texture, clarity, bouquet, or color. * Set up, operate, and tend equipment that cooks, mixes, blends, or processes ingredients in the manufacturing of food products, according to formulas or recipes.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Almond Paste Mixer, Baker, Batch Blender, Batch Maker, Batch Mixer, Batching Operator, Batchmaker, Batter Mixer, Biscuit Maker, Blend Operator, Blender, Blender Operator, Blending Machine Operator, Blending Plant Operator, Blow Up Operator, Bologna Maker, Bran Mixer, Bread Molder, Breading Machine Tender, Brewer, Brewery Technician, Brewing Technician, Brine Maker, Brine Mixer Operator, Bulk Plant Operator, Cake Decorator, Cake Maker, Candy Decorator, Candy Dipper, Candy Forming Machine Operator, Candy Maker, Candy Polisher, Candy Puller, Caramel Maker, Cereal Maker, Cheese Maker, Cheese Monger, Cheese Processor, Cheesemaker, Chicken Stuffer, Chili Maker, Chocolate Temperer, Chocolatier, Chopper Operator, Chopping Machine Operator, Churn Operator, Churner, Cistern Room Operator, Cocoa Powder Mixer Operator, Coffee Blender, Color Matcher, Colorer, Colorist Dyer, Compound Mixer, Compounder, Conche Operator, Confectioner, Core Sucker, Cottage Cheese Maker, Cream Beater, Cruller Maker, Custom Feed Corn Operator, Decorator, Dipper and Baker, Dosier Operator, Dough Brake Machine Operator, Dough Braker, Dough Catcher, Dough Cutter, Dough Cutting Machine Operator, Dough Machine Operator, Dough Mixer, Dough Mixing Machine Operator, Dough Molder, Dough Panner, Dough Puncher, Dough Raiser, Dough Roller, Dough Scaler and Mixer, Doughnut Glazier, Dry Starch Operator, Filling Mixer, Flavor Extractor, Flavorings Compounder, Flour Blender, Flour Mixer, Food Processing Operator, Food Processor, Food Production Worker, Food Technician, Formula Mixer, Frozen Yogurt Maker, Fructose Loader, Fryer Line Helper, Grated Cheese Maker, Head Batcher, Head Mixer, Honey Blender, Honey Grader and Blender, Ice Cream Machine Operator, Ice Cream Maker, Ice Cream Mixer, Icing Mixer, Ingredient Handler, Jelly Maker, Juice Mixer, Juicer, Kettle Operator, Kettle Tender, Kiss Machine Operator, Kitchen Operator, Kneader, Lard Mixer, Liquid Flavor Compounder, Liquid Sugar Fortifier, Liquid Sugar Melter, Macaroni Maker, Machine Operator, Marshmallow Machine Operator, Marshmallow Maker, Marshmallow Runner, Marzipan Maker, Mash Grinder, Mayonnaise Mixer, Melangeur Operator, Mineral Mixer, Mingle Operator, Mix Technician, Mixer, Mixer and Blender, Mixer Attendant, Mixer Operator, Mixer Tender, Mixing Machine Operator, Mixing Tank Operator, Noodle Maker, Noodle Press Operator, Oleomargarine Maker, Operator, Pasta Maker, Pasta Press Operator, Peanut Butter Maker, Pickle Maker, Pickle Solution Maker, Pickler, Pickling Solution Maker, Pie Filler, Popcorn Machine Operator, Process Operator, Processing Operator, Processor, Production Worker, Refined Syrup Operator, Relish Maker, Sandwich Maker, Sausage Grinder, Sausage Machine Operator, Sausage Mixer, Seasoning Mixer, Sheeter Operator, Soup Mixer, Spice Blender, Spice Mixer, Spice Room Worker, Spinner, Sugar Mixer, Syrup Maker, Syrup Mixer, Taffy Puller, Tortilla Maker, Vinegar Maker, Vinegar Operator, Wet Mixer, Whipped Topping Finisher, Wine Blender.