Food Service Managers

Food Service Managers

Plan, direct, or coordinate activities of an organization or department that serves food and beverages.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Leadership * Self Control * Cooperation * Stress Tolerance * Concern for Others * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Persistence * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Monitor food preparation methods, portion sizes, and garnishing and presentation of food to ensure that food is prepared and presented in an acceptable manner. * Investigate and resolve complaints regarding food quality, service, or accommodations. * Maintain food and equipment inventories, and keep inventory records.


Accommodation & Food Services,

Job Family Management

Sample Job Titles Banquet Director, Banquet Manager, Boarding House Manager, Cafe Operator, Cafeteria Director, Cafeteria Operator, Catering Coordinator, Catering Director, Catering Manager, Chef Manager, Concessionaire, Cook Manager, Culinary Specialist, Deli Manager, Dining Services Director, Fast Food Services Manager, Flight Kitchen Manager, Food and Beverage Director, Food and Beverage Manager, Food General Manager, Food Production Manager, Food Service Director, Food Service General Manager, Food Service Manager, Food Service Specialist, Food Service Supervisor, General Manager, Hospitality Manager, Kitchen Manager, Liquor Establishment Manager, Luncheonette Operator, Lunchroom Operator, Menu Planner, Restaurant General Manager, Restaurant Manager, Restauranteur, Saloon Keeper, Sommelier, Tavern Keeper, Tavern Operator.