Forest and Conservation Technicians

Forest and Conservation Technicians

Provide technical assistance regarding the conservation of soil, water, forests, or related natural resources. May compile data pertaining to size, content, condition, and other characteristics of forest tracts, under the direction of foresters; or train and lead forest workers in forest propagation, fire prevention and suppression. May assist conservation scientists in managing, improving, and protecting rangelands and wildlife habitats.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Adaptability/Flexibility * Dependability * Cooperation * Attention to Detail * Independence * Concern for Others * Persistence * Self Control * Leadership

Representative Tasks * Thin and space trees and control weeds and undergrowth, using manual tools and chemicals, or supervise workers performing these tasks. * Manage forest protection activities, including fire control, fire crew training, and coordination of fire detection and public education programs. * Train and lead forest and conservation workers in seasonal activities, such as planting tree seedlings, putting out forest fires, and maintaining recreational facilities.



Job Family Life, Physical, and Social Science

Sample Job Titles Biological Science Aide, Conservation Agent, Conservation Officer, Conservation Specialist, Conservation Technician, Conservationist, County Ranger, Forest Technician, Forester Aide, Forestry Aid Technician, Forestry Aide, Forestry Aide Technician, Forestry Technician, Grazing Aide, Grazing Examiner, Natural Resources Technician, Park Warden, Range Technician, Resource Manager, Resource Specialist, Resource Technician, Timber Appraiser, Timber Management Technician.