Forest and Conservation Workers

Forest and Conservation Workers

Under supervision, perform manual labor necessary to develop, maintain, or protect areas such as forests, forested areas, woodlands, wetlands, and rangelands through such activities as raising and transporting seedlings; combating insects, pests, and diseases harmful to plant life; and building structures to control water, erosion, and leaching of soil. Includes forester aides, seedling pullers, and tree planters.

Key Competencies * Independence * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Dependability * Integrity * Initiative * Achievement/Effort * Persistence * Adaptability/Flexibility * Analytical Thinking

Representative Tasks * Check equipment to ensure that it is operating properly. * Gather, package, or deliver forest products to buyers. * Confer with other workers to discuss issues, such as safety, cutting heights, or work needs.


Government, Agriculture Forestry Fishing & Hunting,

Job Family Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

Sample Job Titles Blister Rust Eradicator, Box Chipper, Box Cutter, Box Puller, Boxer, Brusher, Chemical Sprayer, Chopper, Christmas Tree Farm Worker, Christmas Tree Grader, Christmas Tree Grower, Cone Picker, Conservation Coordinator, Conservation Officer, Conservation Specialist, Conservation Worker, Crew Leader, Cupper, Dipper, Farm Hand, Farmer, Fern Cutter, Fern Gatherer, Fern Picker, Field Laborer, Foreman, Forest Aide, Forest and Conservation Worker, Forest Nursery Worker, Forest Products Gatherer, Forest Ranger, Forest Resource Specialist, Forest Worker, Forester Aide, Forestry Conservation Worker, Forestry Farm Laborer, Forestry Laborer, Forestry Support Specialist, Gatherer, Geographic Information Systems Coordinator (GIS Coordinator), Greens Picker, Greens Tier, Ground Crewman, Growth Hacker, Gum Dipper, Hacker, Land Conservation Specialist, Moss Picker, Nut Picker, Palm Gatherer, Park Maintainer, Pitch Gatherer, Raker, Range Aide, Rangelands Conservation Laborer, Reforestation Worker, Sap Gatherer, Scrape Gatherer, Seasonal Greenery Bundler, Seedling Puller, Seedling Sorter, Spanish Moss Picker, Tar Heel, Timber Deadener, Timber Killer, Timber Poisoner, Tree Chipper, Tree Climber, Tree Deadener, Tree Killer, Tree Planter, Tree Sapper, Tree Scout, Tree Tapping Laborer, Tree Trimmer, Tree Wrapper, Turpentiner, Wetlands Conservation Laborer, Woods Laborer, Woodsman, Yarrow Gatherer.