Manage public and private forested lands for economic, recreational, and conservation purposes. May inventory the type, amount, and location of standing timber, appraise the timber's worth, negotiate the purchase, and draw up contracts for procurement. May determine how to conserve wildlife habitats, creek beds, water quality, and soil stability, and how best to comply with environmental regulations. May devise plans for planting and growing new trees, monitor trees for healthy growth, and determine optimal harvesting schedules.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Independence * Initiative * Analytical Thinking * Stress Tolerance * Persistence

Representative Tasks * Monitor contract compliance and results of forestry activities to assure adherence to government regulations. * Establish short- and long-term plans for management of forest lands and forest resources. * Supervise activities of other forestry workers.


Government, Manufacturing,

Job Family Life, Physical, and Social Science

Sample Job Titles Area Forester, Chief Unit Forester, Environmental Protection Forester, Extension Forester, Fire Prevention Forester, Forest Examiner, Forest Manager, Forest Pathologist, Forest Practices Field Coordinator, Forest Supervisor, Forester, Forestry Aid, Forestry Consultant, Forestry Scientist, Forestry Specialist, Forestry Supervisor, Forestry Technician, Land Management Forester, Operations Forester, Regional Forester, Resource Forester, Silviculture Forester, Silviculturist, Staff Forester, Timber Management Assistant, Timber Management Specialist, Urban Forester, Utility Forester, Wildlife Removal Specialist.