Forestry and Conservation Science Teachers, Postsecondary

Forestry and Conservation Science Teachers, Postsecondary

Teach courses in forestry and conservation science. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research.

Key Competencies * Analytical Thinking * Initiative * Achievement/Effort * Integrity * Independence * Attention to Detail * Innovation * Persistence * Dependability * Leadership

Representative Tasks * Keep abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences. * Conduct research in a particular field of knowledge and publish findings in books, professional journals, or electronic media. * Compile, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others.


Educational Services,

Job Family Education, Training, and Library

Sample Job Titles Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor of Forestry, Assistant Professor of Habitat Restoration Ecology, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Biology, Associate Professor of Forestry, Associate Professor of Natural Resource Policy, Biometrics Consultant, Biometrics Experimentalist, Biometrics Head, Biometrics Instructor, Biometrics Specialist, College or University Faculty Member, College Professor, Conservation Biology Professor, Dean, Department Chair, Earth Science Professor, Ecology Professor, Environmental Conservation Professor, Extension Professor, Forest Biometrics Professor, Forest Botany Instructor, Forest Ecology Professor, Forest Economics Professor, Forest Landscape Ecology Professor, Forest Law and Policy Professor, Forest Management Professor, Forest Management Teacher, Forest Pathology Associate Professor, Forest Pathology Professor, Forest Pathology Teacher, Forest Products Teacher, Forest Resources Professor, Forest Science Professor, Forest Technology Professor, Forestry Biology Specialist, Forestry Extension Specialist, Forestry Faculty Member, Forestry Instructor, Forestry Professor, Hydrology Professor, Instructor, Lecturer, Natural Resources Faculty Extension Assistant, Natural Resources Faculty Member, Natural Resources Instructor, Natural Resources Professor, Professor, Professor of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Professor of Forest Planning, Professor of Forestry, Range and Road Instructor, Research Professor, Silviculture Professor, Soil Science Professor, Timber Management Professor, Wildlife Conservation Professor, Wildlife Ecology Professor, Wildlife Management Professor, Wildlife Policy Professional, Wildlife Science Professor, Wood Science Professor.