Furnace, Kiln, Oven, Drier, and Kettle Operators and Tenders

Furnace, Kiln, Oven, Drier, and Kettle Operators and Tenders

Operate or tend heating equipment other than basic metal, plastic, or food processing equipment. Includes activities, such as annealing glass, drying lumber, curing rubber, removing moisture from materials, or boiling soap.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Self Control * Initiative * Stress Tolerance * Cooperation * Independence * Achievement/Effort * Concern for Others * Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks * Monitor equipment operation, gauges, and panel lights to detect deviations from standards. * Press and adjust controls to activate, set, and regulate equipment according to specifications. * Record gauge readings, test results, and shift production in log books.


Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Construction, Government,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Acid Maker, Ager Operator, Annealer, Annealing Operator, Autoclave Operator, Automated Process Operator, Back Tender, Backing-in Machine Tender, Ballman, Base Draw Operator, Batch and Furnace Manager, Batch and Furnace Operator, Batch and Furnace Supervisor, Beehive Kiln Charcoal Burner, Black Ash Burner Operator, Black Mill Operator, Boiler, Boiler Attendant, Boiler Control Room Operator, Bone Char Kiln Tender, Bone Drier Operator, Bread Oven Operator, Brick Baker, Brick Burner, Briquetting Machine Operator, Burner, Burner Tender, Burning Plant Operator, Calcine Furnace Tender, Calciner Operator, Carbon Furnace Operator, Centrifugal Drier Operator, Channel Process Plant Operator, Charcoal Burner, Charcoal Kiln Burner, Clay Burner, Clay Roaster, Cloth Drier, Clothespin Drier Operator, Coal Drier Operator, Coke Burner, Coke Production Heater, Conditioner Tumbler Operator, Continuous Linter-Drier Operator, Control Operator, Control Room Operator, Control Room Tender, Cooker Tender, Core Oven Tender, Cupola Man, Cupola Operator, Insulation, Cupola Worker, Curing Oven Attendant, Curing Oven Tender, Debubblizer, Drier Feeder, Drier Operator, Drier Tender, Drum Drier Operator, Dry Box Operator, Dry Kiln Operator, Dry Mill Operator, Dry Room Operator, Dry-Cans Operator, Dry-House Attendant, Dryer Feeder, Drying Machine Tender, Drying Room Attendant, Drying Tumbler Operator, Drying Tunnel Operator, Drying Unit Felting Machine Operator, Enamel Burner, Evaporator Operator, Firepot Operator and Tender, Firer, Firer Helper, Flame Degreaser, Flash Drier Operator, Flat Drier, Flow Worker, Foam Rubber Curer, Furnace Operator, Furnace Operator and Tender, Glass Furnace Tender, Glazing Machine Operator, Glost Kiln Operator, Glue Cook, Hair Boiler Operator, Heater, Heater Tender, Impregnator and Drier, Incinerator Operator I, Induction Furnace Operator, Insulation Board Back Tender, Insulation Processor, Kettle Operator, Kettle Tender, Kettle Worker, Kiln Burner, Kiln Charger, Kiln Fireman, Kiln Firer, Kiln Operator, Kiln Stoker, Kiln Tender, Label Drier, Lead Nitrate Processor, Lehr Attendant, Lehr Loader, Lehr Operator, Lehr Tender, Lens Hardener, Lime Burner, Lime Kiln and Recausticizing Operator, Lime Kiln Operator, Lime Kiln Tender, Lime Sludge Kiln Operator, Limehouse Worker, Log Cooker, Lumber Kiln Operator, Matrix Drier Tender, Mold Burner, Mud Temperer, Nodulizer, Oil Boiler, Oven Baker, Oven Operator, Oven Press Tender, Oven Tender, Oxide Furnace Tender, Oxygen Furnace Operator, Package Yarns Drying Machine Operator, Pad Extractor Tender, Pelletizer, Petroleum Operator, Petroleum Refining Firer, Pigment Furnace Tender, Plastics Seasoner Operator, Polymerization Oven Operator, Pot Fireman, Pot Firer, Pot Tender, Pressure Tank Operator, Primer Expeditor and Drier, Pulp Cooker, Pulp Drier Firer, Rabble Furnace Tender, Raw Stock Drier Tender, Red-Lead Burner, Reduction Furnace Operator, Reel Blade Bender Furnace Tender, Regenerator Operator, Rivet Heater, Rotary Drier Operator, Rotary Furnace Tender, Rotary Kiln Operator, Rubber Curer, Rubber Tire Curer, Rubber Vulcanizing Machine Operator, Rug Dry Room Attendant, Rug Drying Machine Operator, Salt Boiler, Sand Drier, Shrink Pit Operator, Skein Yarn Drier, Soap Boiler, Soap Drier Operator, Soap Drier Tender, Soap Maker, Spray Drier Operator, Standpipe Tender, Starch Cooker, Steam Box Operator, Steam Tank Operator, Sterilizer, Sterilizer Machine Operator, Still Operator, Stoker, Stone Carriage Operator, Tail Burner, Teaser, Temperer, Tenter Frame Operator, Thaw Shed Heater Tender, Tile Burner, Tower Operator, Tray Drier, Tray Drier Operator, Treating Engineer, Treating Plant Operator, Tube Lancer, Tumbler, Tumbler Operator, Tumbler Tender, Tunnel Kiln Firer, Tunnel Kiln Operator, Tunnel Operator, Unit Operator, Utility Operator, Vacuum Drier Operator, Vacuum Drier Tender, Vacuum Furnace Operator, Varnish Maker, Varnish Melter, Veneer Drier, Veneer Redrier, Vulcanizer, Vulcanizing Machine Operator, Wire Drawer Operator.