Install glass in windows, skylights, store fronts, and display cases, or on surfaces, such as building fronts, interior walls, ceilings, and tabletops.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Integrity * Achievement/Effort * Self Control * Persistence * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance

Representative Tasks * Fasten glass panes into wood sashes or frames with clips, points, or moldings, adding weather seals or putty around pane edges to seal joints. * Cut, fit, install, repair, or replace glass or glass substitutes, such as plastic or aluminum, in building interiors or exteriors or in furniture or other products. * Fabricate or install metal sashes or moldings for glass installation, using aluminum or steel framing.


Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Construction, Government,

Job Family Construction and Extraction

Sample Job Titles Art Glass Setter, Automobile Glass Technician, Commercial Glazier, Foreman, Glass Fitter, Glass Glazier, Glass Inserter, Glass Installer, Glass Mechanic, Glass Setter, Glass Technician, Glazer, Glazier, Glazier Apprentice, Glazing Superintendent, Journeyman Glazier, Lead Applier, Leaded Glass Installer, Master Glazier, Mirror Installer, Plate Glass Installer, Residential Glazier, Stained Glass Glazier, Stained Glass Installer, Stained Glass Joiner, Window And Door Installer, Window Assembler, Window Glass Installer, Window Glazier, Window Installer, Window Treatment Installer.