Graders and Sorters, Agricultural Products

Graders and Sorters, Agricultural Products

Grade, sort, or classify unprocessed food and other agricultural products by size, weight, color, or condition.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Self Control * Initiative * Achievement/Effort * Integrity * Concern for Others * - * -

Representative Tasks * Discard inferior or defective products or foreign matter, and place acceptable products in containers for further processing. * Weigh products or estimate their weight, visually or by feel. * Place products in containers according to grade and mark grades on containers.


Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Construction, Government,

Job Family Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

Sample Job Titles Agricultural Establishment Grader Inspector, Agricultural Produce Sorter, Agriculture Laborer, Apple Sorter, Apple Turner, Asparagus Buncher, Banana Expert, Banana Grader, Bean Sorter, Bulb Grader, Butter Grader, Camelid Fiber Sorter, Carrot Buncher, Carrot Tier, Casing Grader, Celery Cutter, Celery Packer, Celery Stripper, Celery Tier, Celery Wrapper, Cheese Grader, Cheese Packer, Cherry Sorter, Chick Grader, Chick Sexer, Chicken Sexer, Citrus Fruit Packer, Clam Sorter, Coffee Sampler, Coffee Taster, Coffee Weigher, Coloring Room Man, Coloring Room Worker, Corn Lab Technician, Cotton Classer, Cotton Classer Aide, Cotton Expert, Cotton Grader, Cotton Seed Culler, Distribution Technician, Egg Candler, Egg Grader, Egg Sorter, Egg Tester, Egg Trayer, Egg Worker, Eggs Inspector, Fish Liver Sorter, Fish Roe Technician, Flour Tester, Flower Grader, Food Inspector, Food Taster, Fruit Checker, Fruit Culler, Fruit Expert, Fruit Grader, Fruit Inspector, Fruit Packer, Fruit Sorter, Fruit Worker, Grader, Grain Grader, Grain Inspector, Grain Picker, Grain Sampler, Hide Grader, Inspector Aide, Laboratory Technician, Leaf Size Picker, Leaf Sorter, Leaf Stripper, Lettuce Trimmer, Meat Grader, Meat Inspector, Milk Inspector, Milk Sampler, Nut Culler, Nut Grader, Nut Packer, Nut Picker, Nut Sorter, Olive Grader, Onion Tier, Oyster Grader, Oyster Picker, Oyster Sorter, Peanut Cleaner, Peanut Grader, Peanut Separator, Pecan Cleaner, Pecan Picker, Pelt Grader, Potato Grader, Potato Inspector, Potato Sorter, Poultry Grader, Poultry Inspector, Poultry Sexer, Produce Inspector, Produce Laborer, Produce Sorter, Ring Facer, Safety Specialist, Sales Inspector, Sample Grader, Seed Sorter, Sorter, Spud Grader, Spud Sorter, Tobacco Grader, Tobacco Sizer, Tobacco Sorter, Vegetable Buncher, Vegetable Grader, Vegetable Inspector, Vegetable Sorter, Vegetable Specker, Wool Fleece Grader, Wool Fleece Sorter, Wool Grader, Wool Puller, Wool Sorter.