Heat Treating Equipment Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic

Heat Treating Equipment Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic

Set up, operate, or tend heating equipment, such as heat-treating furnaces, flame-hardening machines, induction machines, soaking pits, or vacuum equipment to temper, harden, anneal, or heat-treat metal or plastic objects.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Integrity * Independence * Leadership * Attention to Detail * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Persistence * Self Control * Cooperation

Representative Tasks * Read production schedules and work orders to determine processing sequences, furnace temperatures, and heat cycle requirements for objects to be heat-treated. * Record times that parts are removed from furnaces to document that objects have attained specified temperatures for specified times. * Adjust controls to maintain temperatures and heating times, using thermal instruments and charts, dials and gauges of furnaces, and color of stock in furnaces to make setting determinations.


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Sample Job Titles Annealer, Annealing Furnace Operator, Annealing Furnace Tender, Annealing Oven Operator, Annealing Torch Operator, Bagger, Base-Draw Operator, Batch Heat Treat Operator, Billet Heater, Billet Heater Operator, Box Annealer, Burner, Burner Machine Operator, Carbonizer, Carburizing Furnace Operator, Case Hardener, Charger, Charger Operator, Coating Line Worker, Crack Off Person, Cyanide Case Hardener, Cyanide Furnace Operator, Cyanide Pot Hardener, Cyanide Pot Tender, Dental Amalgam Processor, Die Hardener, Draw Fire Operator, Face Hardener, Fagot Heater, Flame Annealing Machine Setter, Flame Hardener, Flame Hardening Machine Operator, Flame Hardening Machine Setter, Forge Heater, Furnace Feeder, Furnace Operator, Heat Regulator, Heat Treat Furnace Operator, Heat Treat Operator, Heat Treat Technician, Heat Treater, Heat Treater Apprentice, Heat Treating Bluer, Heat Treating Furnace Tender, Heat Treating Operator, Hot Mill Worker, Induction Heat Treater, Induction Machine Operator, Induction Machine Setter, Lead Burner Apprentice, Machine Operator, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Metal and Plastic Heater, Metal and Plastic Heating Equipment Setter, Metal Annealer, Metal Hardener, Metal Temperer, Metal Treater, Muffle Operator, Normalizer, Parts Processor, Peelman, Pit Furnace Operator, Plate Furnace Operator, Preparatory Technician, Production Hardener, Pulpit Operator, Pusher, Quenching Machine Operator, Reheater, Rivet Heater, Scarf and Anneal Operator, Sheet Heater, Sinter Feeder, Slab Depiler Operator, Soaking Pit Operator, Spike Machine Heater, Steel Heater, Stove Tender, Temperer, Tempering Oven Operator, Tool Hardener, Torch Operator, Tube Heater, Wire Annealer, Wire Temperer.