Helpers--Production Workers

Helpers--Production Workers

Help production workers by performing duties requiring less skill. Duties include supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Cooperation * Self Control * Stress Tolerance * Adaptability/Flexibility * Concern for Others * Independence * Integrity * Persistence

Representative Tasks * Operate machinery used in the production process, or assist machine operators. * Load and unload items from machines, conveyors, and conveyances. * Examine products to verify conformance to quality standards.


Health Care & Social Assistance,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Abrasive Mixer Helper, Acid Filler, Advertising Material Distributor, Air and Water Filler, Aircraft Machinist Helper, Airport Maintenance Laborer, Almond Blancher, Alodize Machine Helper, Anglesmith Helper, Animal Stunner, Annealer Helper, Apron Cleaner, Asbestos Brake Lining Finisher Helper, Assembly Inspector Helper, Assistant Operator, Auto Painter Helper, Automatic Pad Making Machine Operator Helper, Automatic Pad-Making Machine Operator Helper, Automotive Painter Helper, Bag Liner, Bag Machine Operator Helper, Baggage Handler, Bagging Salvager, Baker Helper, Bakery Helper, Balcony Worker, Band Salvager, Bander and Cellophaner Machine Helper, Bandoleer Straightener Stamper, Barrel Assembler Helper, Barrel Charrer Helper, Barrel Drainer, Barrel Loader and Cleaner, Barrel Marker, Barrel Raiser Helper, Barrow Worker Helper, Basket Filler, Basting Puller, Beamer Helper, Beater Engineer Helper, Beater Room Helper, Beater Worker Helper, Bedder, Bench Worker Helper, Bender Helper, Beveling and Edging Machine Operator Helper, Bias Cutter Helper, Bias Machine Operator Helper, Billposter, Blacksmith Helper, Blanket Winder Helper, Blast Furnace Helper, Blast Furnace Keeper Helper, Bleach Packer, Blender Helper, Blending Tank Helper, Blending Tank Tender Helper, Blintze Roller, Blow Down Helper, Blow Off Worker, Blow Pit Helper, Boat Hoist Operator Helper, Boat Loader Helper, Bobbin Disker, Bobbin Loose End Finder, Boiler Helper, Boiler Room Helper, Boilermaker Helper, Bolter Helper, Bone Picker, Boner, Booker, Boot and Shoe Laborer, Bottler Helper, Bottom Maker, Box Blank Machine Operator Helper, Brass Molder Helper, Brewer Helper, Brim Raiser, Briner, Briquette Machine Operator Helper, Brusher, Buckler and Lacer, Bundle Breaker, Burlap Spreader, Busher, Busher Helper, Butcher Helper, Buttoner, Buzzsaw Operator Helper, Cable Testers Helper, Cable Worker Helper, Cake Press Operator Helper, Cake Wrapper, Calciner Operator Helper, Calender Let Off Helper, Calender Machine Operator Helper, Calender Operator Helper, Calender Wind Up Helper, Calender Worker Helper, Can Filler, Candy Spreader, Cane Weigher Helper, Cannery Worker, Canvas Shop Laborer, Canvas Shrinker, Car Dumper Operator Helper, Car Icer, Car Worker Helper, Carbon Furnace Operator Helper, Carcass Washer, Cardboard Inserter, Carton Forming Machine Helper, Caster Helper, Casting House Worker, Casting Machine Operator Helper, Casting Operator Helper, Casting Room Helper, Casting Wheel Operator Helper, Catalytic Converter Operator Helper, Catcher Helper, Cell Preparer, Cell Tender Helper, Channel Installer, Char Dust Cleaner and Salvager, Char Filter Operator Helper, Charger Operator Helper, Charm Filter Operator Helper, Cheesemaking Laborer, Chemical Compounder Helper, Chemical Processing Laborer, Chopper, Chrome Plater Helper, Circular Sawyer Helper, Circus Laborer, Clamp Remover, Clamper, Clarifier Operator Helper, Cleaner, Cleaner and Polisher, Cloth Edge Singer, Cloth Shrinking Machine Operators Helper, Cloth Tearer, Coater Helper, Coating Machine Operator Helper, Cocoa Bean Roaster Helper, Color Dipper, Color Strainer, Commercial Baker Helper, Company Laborer, Compounder Helper, Compressed Gas Plant Worker, Concrete Plant Laborer, Cone Treater, Construction or Leak Gang Laborer, Contact Acid Plant Operator Helper, Continuous Pickling Line Pickler Helper, Control Room Helper, Conveyor Loader, Cook Helper, Cook House Laborer, Cooler Room Worker, Coppersmith Helper, Core Setter, Corrugator Helper, Corrugator Operator Helper, Cotton Ginner Helper, Cotton Washer, Covering Machine Operator Helper, Creeler, Creping Machine Operator Helper, Crossband Layer, Crutcher Helper, Cuff Folder, Cupola Melter Helper, Cupola Tapper Helper, Cupola Tender Helper, Custom Feed Mill Operator Helper, Cutch Cleaner, Cutter Helper, Cutter Operator Helper, Cutting Machine Tender Helper, Cylinder Die Machine Helper, Dairy Helper, Demolition Specialist, Dental Ceramist Helper, Depilatory Painter, Digester Operator Helper, Dipper, Disc-Pad Knockout Worker, Disc-Pad Plate Filler, Distillation Operator Helper, Distillery Miller Helper, Distributor Cleaner, Dock Hand, Doll Wigs Hackler, Dolly Pusher, Doubler Helper, Drawbench Operator Helper, Drawing in Machine Tender Helper, Dressmaker Helper, Drier Helper, Drier Operator Helper, Drill Press Operator Helper, Drip-Box Tender, Drop Forger Helper, Drop Hammer Operator Helper, Drop-Wire Hanger, Dry Cleaner Helper, Dry Kiln Operator Helper, Dry Press Operator Helper, Drying Room Attendant, Drying Unit Felting Machine Operator Helper, Dust Box Worker, Dust Collector-Treater, Dust Puller, Dye Reel Operator Helper, Dye Weigher Helper, Dyer, Dyer Helper, Dynamite Reclaimer, Edger Machine Helper, Egg Breaker, Electric Welder Helper, Electrician Helper, Electrode Cleaner, Electroplater Helper, Electroplating Laborer, Engine House Helper, Engine Room Helper, Evaporator Helper, Extractor Operator Helper, Extruder Operator Helper, Fabric Lay-Out Worker, Factory Hand, Factory Helper, Fagot Heater Helper, Feed Mixer Helper, Felt Hat Steamer, Felting Machine Operator Helper, Ferryboat Ticket Taker, Filer Helper, Filler Block Inserter-Remover, Filler Room Attendant, Filler Shredder Helper, Filler Spreader, Film Loader, Filter Tank Tender Helper, Filtering Machine Tender Helper, Final Assembler, Finisher, Fireman Helper, Fish Drier, Fitter Helper, Flatcar Whacker, Floor Worker, Flotation Tender Helper, Flour Blender Helper, Folder, Food Production Worker, Foot Worker, Forge Helper, Forge Operator Helper, Forge Utility Worker, Forgeman Helper, Forger Helper, Forming Machine Upkeep Mechanic Helper, Foundry Finisher, Foundry Helper, Frame Hand, Frame Stripper, Frame Table Operator Helper, Fringer, Furnace Helper, Furnace Mechanic Helper, Furniture Cleaner, Furniture Finisher Helper, Gambreler Helper, Garment Folder, Garment Turner, Garnisher, Gas Leak Inspector Helper, Gas Maker Helper, Gas Pumping Station Helper, General Distillery Worker, General Foundry Worker, General Helper, General Laborer, General Lithographic Worker, Ginner Helper, Glass Blower Helper, Glass Cutter Helper, Glove Former, Glove Turner, Goods Layer, Greaser, Greaser Helper, Grizzly Worker, Hammerer Helper, Hammersmith Helper, Hand Assembler, Hand Bobbin Cleaner, Hand Coke Drawer, Hand Drawer-in Helper, Hand Etcher Helper, Hand Finisher, Hand Folder, Hand Former Helper, Hand Glove Cleaner, Hand Plate Stacker, Hand Spring Repairer Helper, Hand Stemmer, Hand Suture Winder, Hand Washer, Hander-In, Handkerchief Folder, Hardener Helper, Hat Conditioner, Hatch Tender, Heat Treater Helper, Heater Engineer Helper, Heater Helper, Heater Room Helper, Heavy Forger Helper, Heel Dipper, Helper, Hide Handler, High-Density Press Laborer, Hogshead Opener, Hook Puller, Hot Metal Mixer Operator Helper, Hot Saw Helper, Hot Top Liner Helper, Ice Cream Freezer Assistant, Ice Cream Freezer Helper, Igniter Capper, Impregnator and Drier Helper, Impregnator Helper, Incinerator Plant Laborer, Industrial Laborer, Insole and Heel Stiffener, Installer Helper, Internal Combustion Engine Assembler Helper, Iron Molder Helper, Jewel Stringer, Jig Builder Helper, Jigger, Keeper Helper, Kiln Burner Helper, Kiln Drawer, Kiln Loader, Kiln Operator Helper, Kiln Worker, Kitchen Helper, Knitter Helper, Knitting Machine Operator Helper, Label Coder, Label Remover, Laborer, Lacer, Lacer and Tier, Ladle Liner Helper, Lamination Spinner, Larriman Helper, Last Puller, Laundry Helper, Laundry Laborer, Laundry Worker, Lead Burner Helper, Lead Caster Helper, Lead Handler, Leaf Conditioner, Leaf Conditioner Helper, Leather Softener, Lime Kiln Worker Helper, Line Helper, Line Mover, Line Operator, Liner Helper, Liner Inserter, Liner Machine Operator Helper, Lines Tender, Lining Scrubber, Linseed Oil Order Filler, Liquefaction and Regasification Helper, Liquor Bridge Operator Helper, Lithographer Helper, Loading Dock Helper, Log Loader Helper, Log Washer, Loom Changeover Operator, Loom Fixer Helper, Machine Helper, Machine Hoop Maker Helper, Machine Long Goods Helper, Machine Operator, Machinist Helper, Make Up Operator Helper, Manual Plate Filler, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Helper, Match-Up Worker, Material Handler, Mattress Stripper, Melter Helper, Metal Bonding Helper, Metal Fabricating Shop Helper, Metal Hanging Helper, Mexican Food Maker, Mill Operator Helper, Miller Helper, Milliner Helper, Millwright Helper, Mixer Helper, Mold Capper Helper, Mold Cleaner, Mold Closer, Mold Insert Changer, Mold Maker Helper, Mold Parter, Mold Sheet Cleaner, Mold Worker, Molder Helper, Molding Utility Worker, Monorail Helper, Motor Polarizer, Mud Mixer Helper, Multiple Drum Sander Helper, Naphthalene Operator Helper, Neck Skewer, Needle Punch Machine Operator Helper, Novelty Worker, Nut and Bolt Assembler, Nut Process Helper, Odd Bundle Worker, Oil Spot Washer, Oil Well Service Operator Helper, Open Hearth Helper, Order Runner, Oriental Rug Stretcher, Ornamental Metal Worker Helper, Oven Dauber, Oven Heater Helper, Paint Pourer, Pairer, Pan Helper, Paper Inserter, Paper Processing Machine Helper, Parachute Line Tier, Parachute Marker, Parts Remover, Patcher Helper, Pattern Ruler, Petroleum Refinery Laborer, Petroleum Refinery Worker, Photostat Operator Helper, Pick Remover, Picker, Picker Tender Helper, Picking Table Worker, Pickler, Pickler Helper, Pig Lead Melter Helper, Pig Machine Operator Helper, Pillow Cleaner, Pilot Control Operator Helper, Pinner, Pipe Racker, Pipelines Laborer, Piper Helper, Plate Take-Out Worker, Plater Helper, Pointer Helper, Pole Peeling Machine Operator Helper, Polymerization Helper, Porcelain Enamel Laborer, Poultry Hanger, Pourer, Powerhouse Laborer, Press Hand, Press Helper, Press Worker Helper, Pressure Washer, Prestressed Concrete Laborer, Print Shop Helper, Printer Helper, Printer Slotter Helper, Processor Helper, Production Control Specialist, Production Helper, Production Laborer, Production Line Operator, Production Operator, Production Specialist, Production Worker, Puddler Helper, Puff Ironer, Pug Mill Operator Helper, Pulverizer, Pumper Helper, Purification Operator Helper, Putty Mixer and Applier, Radio Mechanic Helper, Rag Sorter and Cutter, Rags Laborer, Raker, Raveler, Raw Cheese Worker, Reagent Tender Helper, Recovery Operator Helper, Recyclable Products Sorter, Reduction Furnace Operator Helper, Refinery Operator Helper, Reheater Helper, Retort Furnace Helper, Returned Case Inspector, Reverser, Rigger Helper, Riveter Helper, Rocket Test-Fire Worker, Rod and Tube Straightener, Roller Helper, Rolling Mill Operator Helper, Roof Cement and Paint Maker Helper, Rope Cleaner, Rotary Shear Worker Helper, Rougher Helper, Roving Department End Finder, Rug Cleaner, Rug Cleaner Helper, Rug Cutter Helper, Rug Dyer Helper, Rug Inspector Helper, Salvage Laborer, Sample Case Porter, Sand Filler, Sawyer Helper, Scorer Helper, Scrapper, Screen Printer Helper, Screen Printing Cloth Spreader, Screen Printing Machine Operator Helper, Screen Printing Paster, Screen Tender Helper, Seal Mixer, Seam Steamer, Seasonal Greenery Bundler, Section Hand Helper, Sequins Stringer, Service Person, Service Worker Helper, Setter Helper, Shactor Helper, Shade Cloth Finisher, Shaker, Shank Taper, Shaver, Shear Grinder Operator Helper, Shear Helper, Shear Operator Helper, Shearer Helper, Sheet Heater Helper, Sheet Turner, Sheller, Shellfish Shucker, Shipfitter Helper, Shipping Room Helper, Shipyard Laborer, Shoe Cleaner, Shoe Coverer, Shoe Repairer Helper, Shoe Turner, Short Goods Drier, Shrouder, Sifter, Sign Painter Helper, Signal Helper, Signal Worker Helper, Signaler, Skating Rink Ice Maker, Skein Winding Operator, Skein Yarn Dyer Helper, Skull Grinder, Slasher Tender Helper, Slat Basket Maker Helper, Slice Plug Cutter Operator Helper, Slime Plant Operator Helper, Slitter Creaser Slotter Helper, Slitting Machine Operator Helper, Slotter Operator Helper, Slunk Skin Curer, Smoke Room Operator, Smoked Meat Preparer, Snow Shoveler, Soaker Helper, Sock Ironer, Socket Welder Helper, Soda Room Operator, Solder Making Laborer, Sole Scraper, Spanner, Spar Machine Operator Helper, Specialty Finishing Utility Person, Spiral Tube Winder Helper, Splicer, Splicer Helper, Splitting Machine Operator Helper, Spout Liner Helper, Spout Tender, Spout Worker, Spray Painter Helper, Spreader, Stamper, Station Helper, Steamer, Steel Pourer Helper, Stenciler, Still Operator Helper, Still Worker Helper, Stitch Bonder Machine Operator Helper, Stitch Bonding Machine Tender Helper, Stocklayer, Stone Driller Helper, Stopper Maker Helper, Stores Laborer, Stove Bottom Worker, Stranding Machine Operator Helper, Straw Hat Washer Operator, Street and Building Decorator, Street Cleaner, Street Light Cleaner, Stretcher Helper, Stretcher Leveler Operator Helper, Stretcher-Drier Operator, Substation Operator Helper, Support Team Member, Suture Polisher, Switchboard Wire Worker Helper, Syrup Machine Laborer, Syrup Mixer Assistant, Syrup Mixer Helper, Table Cover Folder, Table Hand, Table Worker, Tablet Making Machine Operator Helper, Tack Puller, Tailings Dam Laborer, Tailor Helper, Tailor's Aide, Tank House Operator Helper, Tank Setter Helper, Tapper Helper, Tar Chaser, Telephone Directory Deliverer, Test Department Helper, Tester Operator Helper, Thread Separator, Tie Binder, Tin Can Laborer, Tin Container Straightener, Tinsmith Helper, Tomb Maker Helper, Toolmaker Helper, Toolroom Helper, Top Precipitator Operator Helper, Tower Attendant, Track Oiler, Treater Helper, Treating Engineer Helper, Trimmer Helper, Tube Cleaner, Tube Machine Operator Helper, Tuber Machine Operator Helper, Tumbler Machine Operator Helper, Turner, Turning Machine Operator Helper, Twisting Department End Finder, Upholsterer Helper, Used Building Materials Yard Worker, Utility Worker, Varnish Maker Helper, Varnish Melter Helper, Veneer Clipper Helper, Veneer Jointer Helper, Vessel Scrapper Helper, Wallpaper Printer Helper, Wash Oil Pump Operator Helper, Washer, Washer Engineer Helper, Washtub Worker Helper, Wax Ball Knock-Out Worker, Waxer, Wearing Apparel Shaker, Welder Assistant, Wharf Laborer, Wiper, Wire Weaver Helper, Wood Handler, Wood Pole Treater, Wood Preserving Plant Laborer, Woodworker Helper, Woodworking Shop Hand, Wrapper-Hands Sprayer, Wrapping Machine Helper, Yarn Mercerizer Operator Helper, Yeast Pusher.