Hoist and Winch Operators

Hoist and Winch Operators

Operate or tend hoists or winches to lift and pull loads using power-operated cable equipment.

Key Competencies * Independence * Initiative * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Persistence * Concern for Others * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance * Self Control

Representative Tasks * Move levers, pedals, and throttles to stop, start, and regulate speeds of hoist or winch drums in response to hand, bell, buzzer, telephone, loud-speaker, or whistle signals, or by observing dial indicators or cable marks. * Start engines of hoists or winches and use levers and pedals to wind or unwind cable on drums. * Observe equipment gauges and indicators and hand signals of other workers to verify load positions or depths.


Manufacturing, Mining Quarrying & Oil & Gas Extraction, Transportation & Warehousing,

Job Family Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles Air Hoist Operator, Air Lift Operator, Boat Hoist Operator, Boat Loader, Boat Puller, Bridge Rigger, Building Rigger, Cable Operator, Cable Way Operator, Cage Operator, Cage Tender, Casing Puller, Cemetery Vault Installer, Chute Operator, Clean-Out Driller, Clutch Operator, Coal Handler, Coal Trimmer, Corner Bead Operator, Crane Operator, Cupola Hoist Operator, Derrick Hand, Derrick Operator, Dry Transfer Man, Dry Transfer Worker, Dump Operator, Electric Fork Operator, Electrical Traveling Overhead Crane Operator (ETOC Operator), Foot Tender, Footman, Gin Pole Operator, Hoist Operator, Hoisting Engine Operator, Hoisting Engineer, Hoistman, Hydraulic Boom Operator, Jammer Operator, Jump Roll Operator, Lathe Spotter, Lever Operator, Lineman, Loader Engineer, Log Loader, Marine Railway Operator, Marine Service Operator, Material Handler, Ore Trimmer, Pack Changer, Pack Puller, Pier Runner, Pipe Puller, Pit Hoist Operator, Pitman, Pneumatic Hoist Operator, Pole Lift Operator, Pulling Unit Floorhand, Rigger, Rigger Up, Rigging Engineer, Rigging Man, Rigging Up Man, Rigging Up Worker, Rigging Worker, Rod Puller, Rodman, Scrap Hoist Operator, Scrap Yard Worker, Scraper Loader Operator, Service Operator, Skip Hoist Engineer, Skip Hoist Operator, Slope Runner, Slope Tender, Sloper, Steam Hoist Operator, Stevedore, Stiff Leg Operator, Telescope Operator, Transfer Controller, Tugger, Tugger Operator, Vault Puller, Well Puller, Well Service Derrick Worker, Winch Derrick Operator, Winch Driver, Winch Operator, Winch Runner, Winch Stripper, Yard Worker, Yarder Engineer, Yarder Operator, Yarder Puncher, Yarding Engineer.