Hunters and Trappers

Hunters and Trappers

Hunt and trap wild animals for human consumption, fur, feed, bait, or other purposes.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Independence * Dependability * Integrity * Initiative * Innovation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Persistence * Analytical Thinking * Self Control

Representative Tasks * Patrol trap lines or nets to inspect settings, remove catch, and reset or relocate traps. * Travel on foot, by vehicle, or by equipment such as boats, snowmobiles, helicopters, snowshoes, or skis to reach hunting areas. * Obtain permission from landowners to hunt or trap on their land.



Job Family Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

Sample Job Titles Alligator Hunter, Alligator Trapper, Animal Bounty Hunter, Animal Control Specialist, Animal Damage Control Agent, Animal Trapper, Bird Trapper, Bounty Hunter, Bounty Trapper, Carriage Dogger, Carriage Operator, Carriage Rider, Carriage Setter, Chain Person, Chain Puller, Chain Tender, Chainer, Chaser, Choke Setter, Choker, Choker Hooker, Chute Greaser, Chute Tender, Clipper, Expedition Supervisor, Forestry Hunter, Fur Trapper, Game Trapper, Hunter, Hunting Guide, Lion Hunter, Moose Hunter, Mule Rider, Nuisance Animal Damage Control Agent, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, Nuisance Wildlife Specialist, Nuisance Wildlife Trapper, Pelter, Pelts Skinner, Predator Control Trapper, Predatory Animal Exterminator, Predatory Animal Hunter, Predatory Animal Trapper, Predatory Game Hunter, Predatory Hunter, Sealer, Trapper, Underwater Hunter, Underwater Trapper, Urban Wildlife Damage Control Specialist, Wildlife Control Operator.