Hydroelectric Plant Technicians

Hydroelectric Plant Technicians

Monitor and control activities associated with hydropower generation. Operate plant equipment, such as turbines, pumps, valves, gates, fans, electric control boards, and battery banks. Monitor equipment operation and performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance. Perform equipment maintenance and repair as necessary.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Analytical Thinking * Independence * Self Control * Initiative * Cooperation * Stress Tolerance * Persistence

Representative Tasks * Identify or address malfunctions of hydroelectric plant operational equipment, such as generators, transformers, or turbines. * Inspect water-powered electric generators or auxiliary equipment in hydroelectric plants to verify proper operation or to determine maintenance or repair needs. * Operate hydroelectric plant equipment, such as turbines, pumps, valves, gates, fans, electric control boards, or battery banks.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Communications and Instrumentation Mechanic (C&I Mechanic), Hydro Mechanic, Hydro Operations and Maintenance Technician (Hydro O&M Technician), Hydro Operator, Hydro Plant Technician, Hydro Technician, Hydroelectric Machinery Mechanic, Hydroelectric Mechanic, Hydroelectric Operations Maintenance Technician, Hydroelectric Operations Maintenance Worker, Hydroelectric Operator, Hydroelectric Plant Electrician, Hydroelectric Plant Installation Technician, Hydroelectric Plant Operation and Maintenance Technician, Hydroelectric Plant Operator, Hydroelectric Plant Technician, Hydroelectric Production Technician, Hydroelectric Systems Technician, Maintenance Mechanic, Operations and Maintenance Technician (O&M Technician), Operator, Plant Mechanic, Plant Operations Worker, Power Plant Electrician, Power Plant Mechanic, Power Plant Operator, Power Plant Technician, Repairman, Traveling Operator.