Hydroelectric Production Managers

Hydroelectric Production Managers

Manage operations at hydroelectric power generation facilities. Maintain and monitor hydroelectric plant equipment for efficient and safe plant operations.

Key Competencies * Leadership * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Cooperation * Independence * Analytical Thinking * Initiative * Stress Tolerance * Self Control

Representative Tasks * Direct operations, maintenance, or repair of hydroelectric power facilities. * Maintain records of hydroelectric facility operations, maintenance, or repairs. * Monitor or inspect hydroelectric equipment, such as hydro-turbines, generators, or control systems.



Job Family Management

Sample Job Titles Chief Hydroelectric Station Operator, Demand Generation Manager, Facility Manager, Generation Manager, Hydro Generation Manager, Hydro Generation Supervisor, Hydro Plant Site Manager, Hydro Station Supervisor, Hydroelectric Plant Power Generation Engineer, Hydroelectric Production Manager, Hydroelectric Station Chief, Maintenance Superintendent, Maintenance Supervisor, Operations Manager, Operations Supervisor, Plant Manager, Power Plant Superintendent, Power Plant Supervisor, Power Project Manager.