Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Repair, install, adjust, or maintain industrial production and processing machinery or refinery and pipeline distribution systems.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Analytical Thinking * Initiative * Persistence * Independence * Concern for Others * Integrity * Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks * Repair or maintain the operating condition of industrial production or processing machinery or equipment. * Repair or replace broken or malfunctioning components of machinery or equipment. * Disassemble machinery or equipment to remove parts and make repairs.



Job Family Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Sample Job Titles Anode Rebuilder, Appliance Fixer, Appliance Mechanic, Appliance Repairer, Apprentice, Machinist, Outside, Area Mechanic, Automatic Pinsetter Adjuster, Automotive Maintenance Equipment Servicer, Aviation Support Equipment Repairer, Bag Adjuster, Bag Machine Adjuster, Bakery Machine Mechanic, Belt Repairer, Boilerhouse Mechanic, Breakdown Man, Breakdown Worker, Broach Setter, Broach Trouble Shooter, Buhr Dresser, Canal Equipment Mechanic, Card Clothier, Case Finishing Machine Adjuster, Cellophane Casting Machine Repairer, Chain Repairer, Changer Fixer, Channel Man, Channel Worker, Chemical Processing Equipment Repairer, Clothing Man, Clothing Worker, Comb Fixer, Comb Maker, Comb Setter, Comber Setter, Composing Room Machinist, Composing Room Machinist Apprentice, Compressed Gas Equipment Mechanic, Compressed Gas Equipment Service Mechanic, Compressed Gas Plant Maintenance Mechanic, Conveyor Belt Installer, Conveyor Installer, Conveyor Maintenance Mechanic, Conveyor Mechanic, Cooling Tower Technician, Crusher Screen Repairer, Deck Mechanic, Deep Submergence Vehicle Crewmember, Dryer and Washer Mechanic, Electronic Production Line Maintenance Mechanic, Envelope Folding Machine Adjuster, Envelope Machine Adjuster, Equipment Mechanic, Erector, Felt Checker, Felt Machine Mechanic, Feltman, Field Service Technician, Filling Station Equipment Mechanic, Finished Metal Repairer, Fitter Up, Fixer, Fixture Fabricator Repairer, Fixture Repairer-Fabricator, Flat Clothier, Fluid Power Mechanic, Foiling Machine Adjuster, Forge Shop Machine Repairer, Forming Machine Adjuster, Foundry Equipment Mechanic, Frame Fixer, Fuel System Maintenance Worker, Garnett Mechanic, Gas Plant Repairer, Gas Turbine Mechanic, Gas Welding Equipment Mechanic, Gasoline Pump Mechanic, Glass Lined Tank Repairer, Harness Builder, Hydraulic Mechanic, Hydraulic Press Servicer, Hydraulic Repairer, Hydraulic Rubbish Compactor Mechanic, Hydroelectric Machinery Mechanic, Industrial Conveyor Belt Repairer, Industrial Electrician, Industrial Machine System Technician, Industrial Machinery Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Inspecting Machine Adjuster, Installer, Jacquard Fixer, Jacquard Loom Card Changer, Knitter Mechanic, Knitting Machine Mechanic, Laundry Machine Mechanic, Lineman, Liner Replacer, Link Trainer Maintenance Man, Link Trainer Maintenance Worker, Linotype Machinist, Linotype Machinist Apprentice, Linotype Mechanic, Loom Fixer, Loom Fixer Apprentice, Loom Mechanic, Loom Overhauler, Loom Technician, Lubrication Equipment Servicer, Machine Adjuster, Machine Clothing Man, Machine Clothing Replacer, Machine Clothing Worker, Machine Fixer, Machine Maintenance Repairer, Machine Operator Slitter Technician, Machine or Machinery Mechanic, Machine Overhauler, Machine Repairer, Machine Tool Mechanic, Machine Tool Rebuilder, Maintenance Electrician, Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance Repairman, Maintenance Technician, Manufacturers Service Representative, Marine Equipment Machinery Maintenance Mechanic, Marine Erector, Marine Machinist, Marine Mechanic, Master Machinist, Master Mechanic, Mechanic, Mill Dresser, Mill Set Up, Mining and Quarrying Machinery Repairer, Mobile Equipment Servicer, Monotype Machinist, Monotype Mechanic, Motor Rebuilder, Needle Board Repairer, Needle Straightener, Oil Field Equipment Mechanic, Outfitter, Outside Machinist, Oven Equipment Repairer, Overhauler, Parts Salvager, Pin Puller, Pin Pusher, Pin Setter, Pneumatic Tool Repairer, Pneumatic Tube Repairer, Powder Line Repairer, Powerhouse Mechanic, Powerhouse Mechanic Apprentice, Press Maintainer, Printing Machine Mechanic, Printing Machinist, Printing Mechanist, Production Mechanic, Pump Erector, Pump Mechanic, Pump Servicer, Reed Man, Reed Repairer, Reed Worker, Regulator Mechanic, Repair Miller, Repairer, Repairer, Screen, Crusher, Rig Mechanic, Roll Cutter, Roll Filler, Roll Mechanic, Roller Coverer, Roller Mechanic, Roller Repairer, Roller Shop Utility Worker, Rubberizing Mechanic, Scale Mechanic, Screen and Cyclone Repairer, Section Leader, Section Leader and Machine Setter, Section Repairer, Service Station Equipment Mechanic, Set Up Worker, Sewing Machine Adjuster, Sewing Machine Maintenance Mechanic, Sewing Machine Repairer, Shaker Repairer, Shop Assistant, Shuttle Fixer, Siene Maker, Silk Screen Repairer, Slitter Service and Setter, Smelting and Refining Ore Dressing Repairer, Spare Fixer, Spindle Plumber, Spinner Fixer, Spray Gun Repairer, Stoker Erector and Servicer, Stone Dresser, Switch Repairer, Test Engine Mechanic, Textile Machine Maintenance Mechanic, Tipple Engineer, Tool and Fixture Repairer, Tool Filer, Tool Mechanic, Tool Setter, Tooling Mechanic, Tow Motor Mechanic, Tower Technician, Treatment Plant Mechanic, Turbine Mechanic, Underground Mine Machinery Mechanic, Utility Systems Repairer Operator, Washery Engineer, Washing Machine Mechanic, Water or Power Generation Plant Machinery Maintenance Mechanic, Water Treatment Plant Repairer, Wax Pattern Repairer, Welding Equipment Repairer, Welding Systems and Equipment Repairer, Welding, Brazing, and Burning Machine Repairer, Wet Process Head Miller, Wheel and Caster Repairer, Wind Tunnel Mechanic, Winder Fixer, Wire Repairer, X Ray Equipment Mechanic.