Operate weapons and equipment in ground combat operations. Duties include operating and maintaining weapons, such as rifles, machine guns, mortars, and hand grenades; locating, constructing, and camouflaging infantry positions and equipment; evaluating terrain and recording topographical information; operating and maintaining field communications equipment; assessing need for and directing supporting fire; placing explosives and performing minesweeping activities on land; and participating in basic reconnaissance operations.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Educational Services,

Job Family Military Specific

Sample Job Titles Combat Rifle Crewmember, Expeditionary Force - Combat Skills, Fighting Vehicle Infantryman, GWOT IA/ILO Multi-National Force, Not Deployed, GWOT Support Assignment-Basic Combat Unit Member, Heavy Antiarmor Weapons Infantryman, Indirect Fire Infantryman, Individual GWOT IA/ILO Multi-National Force, Infantry Assaultman, Infantryman, Machine Gunner, Mortarman, Rifleman, Scout Sniper, Scout-Sniper.