Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers

Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers

Inspect, test, sort, sample, or weigh nonagricultural raw materials or processed, machined, fabricated, or assembled parts or products for defects, wear, and deviations from specifications. May use precision measuring instruments and complex test equipment.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Integrity * Cooperation * Initiative * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance * Persistence * Independence

Representative Tasks * Inspect, test, or measure materials, products, installations, or work for conformance to specifications. * Measure dimensions of products to verify conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments such as rulers, calipers, gauges, or micrometers. * Record inspection or test data, such as weights, temperatures, grades, or moisture content, and quantities inspected or graded.


Manufacturing, Administrative & Support Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Abrasive Grader, Acid Tester, Air Box Tester, Air Conditioning Unit Tester, Air Sampler, Air Value Tester, Aircraft Instrument Tester, Aircraft Launching and Arresting Systems Inspector, Airplane Inspector, Aligning Inspector, Alining Inspector, Alloy Weigher, Aluminum Boat Inspector, Aluminum Container Tester, Ammunition Components Inspector, Ampoule Examiner, Ampoule Inspector, Argon Tester, Armature Inspector, Armature Tester, Artificial Teeth Inspector, Asbestos Shingle Inspector, Assembler, Assemblies and Installations Inspector, Assembly Adjuster, Assembly Inspector, Assembly Line Inspector, Assorter, Audit Tech, Auditor, Auditor (Backup), Auditor/Quality, Auto Job Estimator, Auto Service Advisor, Auto Service Writer, Auto Tester, Automatic Tire Tester, Automatic Typewriter Inspector, Automobile Repair Service Estimator, Automobile Service Advisor, Automobile Service Writer, Automobile Tester, Automotive Exhaust Emissions Technician, Automotive Tire Tester, Bad Cloth Checker, Bag Cutter, Bag Grader, Bag Sorter, Bag Tester, Bagger, Balance Bridge Inspector, Balance Truer, Balance Truing Inspector, Balance Wheel Motion Inspector, Ball Points Inspector, Ballast Inspector, Ballpoint Pen Cartridge Tester, Barometers Calibrator, Barrel Assembly Inspector, Barrel Endshaker Adjuster, Barrel Inspector, Barrel Tester, Barrelhead Inspector, Baseball Inspector, Baseball Inspector and Repairer, Basket Grader, Basket Sorter, Batch Tester, Batch Weigher, Bath Tester, Battery Charger Tester, Battery Checker, Battery Container Tester, Battery Inspector, Battery Recharger, Battery Tester, Bead Inspector, Beaming Inspector, Bearing Inspector, Bellows Tester, Belt Operator, Belt Picker, Belt Tender, Belting and Webbing Inspector, Belting Inspector, Bench Assembly Inspector, Bicycle Inspector, Billet Examiner, Billet Inspector, Binder Selector, Binder Sorter, Biological Inspector, Bisque Grader, Blade Balancer, Blast Furnace Checker, Bleach Tester, Blender, Block Inspector, Block Sorter, Block Tester, Boardman, Bobbin Inspector, Bobbin Sorter, Boiler House Inspector, Boilers Inspector, Bolt Sorter, Bone Picker, Bottle and Glass Inspector, Bottle Gauger, Bottle Inspector, Bottle Selector, Bottle Sorter, Bottle Tester, Bottled Beverage Inspector, Bowling Ball Grader, Bowling Ball Grader and Marker, Bowling Ball Marker, Bowling Ball Weigher and Packer, Box Inspector, Box Repairer, Box Sealing Inspector, Boxing Inspector, Brake Tester, Brass Sorter, Briar Wood Sorter, Brick Grader, Brick Picker, Brick Shader, Brick Sorter, Brick Tester, Broomcorn Grader, Bucker, Buckle Inspector, Buckle Sorter, Buffing Wheel Inspector, Buffing Wheel Raker, Bulb Inspector, Bulb Tester, Bullet Slugs Inspector, Buncher, Burglar Alarm Inspector, Burler, Bus Inspector, Button Grader, Button Inspector, Button Reclaimer, Cabin Man, Cabin Worker, Cable Stretcher and Tester, Cable Tester, Cake Tester, Calibration Checker, Calibration Technician, Calibration Tester, Calibrator, Can Inspector, Can Patcher, Can Reconditioner, Can Sorter, Can Vacuum Tester, Canned Food Reconditioning Inspector, Canoe Inspector, Capsule Inspector, Car Tester, Carbonation Tester, Carbonizer Tester, Card Checker, Cardroom Plastic Card Grader, Cargo Inspector, Carpenter Inspector, Carpet Inspector, Carton Inspector, Cartridge Gauger, Casing Grader, Casing Inspector, Casing Material Weigher, Casket Inspector, Casting Inspector, Catcher, Cell Inspector, Cell Tester, Central Office Inspector, Certified Coatings Inspector, Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), Chain Testing Machine Operator, Chair Inspector, Chair Inspector and Leveler, Chassis Driver, Chassis Inspector, Check Weigher, Checker, Cheese Blender, Cheese Grader, Chemical Checker, Chemical Inspector, Chemical Printed Circuit Board Component Tester, Chemical Strength Tester, Chip Tester, Chronograph Operator, Chronometer Tester, Cigar Inspector, Cigar Packer, Cigarette and Filter Chief Inspector, Cigarette Catcher, Cigarette Examiner, Cigarette Filter Inspector, Cigarette Inspector, Cigarette Making Machine Catcher, Cigarette Package Examiner, Cigarette Paper Tester, Cigarette Tester, Circuit Tester, Circuitry Negative Inspector, Circulating Process Inspector, Classer, Classifier, Clip-On Sunglasses Inspector, Cloth Checker, Cloth Examiner, Cloth Examiner, Hand, Cloth Examiner, Machine, Cloth Grader, Cloth Inspector, Cloth Measurer, Cloth Printing Inspector, Cloth Shader, Cloth Shrinking Tester, Cloth Stock Sorter, Clothing Examiner, Clutch Inspector, Coal Grader, Coal Inspector, Coal Sampler, Coating Inspector, Coffee Roaster Helper, Coffee Weigher, Coil Inspector, Coil Tester, Coiled Coil Inspector, Coiler, Coke Inspector, Cold Working Inspector, Cold-Roll Inspector, Collator, Color Checker, Color Matcher, Color Tester, Color Weigher, Coloring Checker, Comparator Operator, Complaint Inspector, Compliance Analyst, Compliance Manager, Component Inspector, Compressed Gas Tester, Compressed Gases Tester, Computer Game Tester, Concrete Inspector, Condenser Tester, Cone Examiner, Construction and Maintenance Inspector, Container Finishing Inspector, Content Checker, Continuity Tester, Control Inspector, Control Panel Tester, Cooling Pipe Inspector, Coordinate Measuring Equipment Operator, Coordinate Measuring Machine Operator (CMM Operator), Coordinate Measuring Machine Programmer (CMM Programmer), Cop Examiner, Copra Sampler, Core Checker, Core Inspector, Cork Compounder, Cotton Inspector, Cotton Sampler, Cotton Weigher, Counter Tender, Cover Inspector, Crayon Grader, Crosstie Inspector, Cruiser, Crust Sorter, Crystal Inspector, Culler, Currency Examiner, Cutter Inspector, Cutter-Inspector, Cutting Inspector, Cylinder Inspector, Cylinder Inspector and Tester, Cylinder Tester, Darklight Inspector, De-Icer, Decorating Inspector, Decoration Checker, Deflector Operator, Deicer Tester, Diagnostician, Dials Inspector, Diamond Expert, Diamond Sizer and Sorter, Die Inspector, Die Tester, Dielectric Testing Machine Operator, Diesel Engine Tester, Diesel Inspector, Differential Tester, Dimension Specification Inspector, Disc Inspector, Dope Weigh Operator, Dowel Inspector, Draper, Drapery Examiner, Dress Draper, Dressed Poultry Grader, Drilling Inspector, Drop Tester, Drum Tester, Dry Cell Tester, Dry Cleaning Checker, Dry Goods Inspector, Dust Sampler, Dynamometer Tester, Eddy-Current Inspector, Electric Container Tester, Electric Deicer Inspector, Electric Detector Operator, Electric Distribution Checker, Electric Meter Tester, Electric Motor Tester, Electric Relay Tester, Electrical Continuity Inspector, Electrical Continuity Tester, Electrical Equipment Tester, Electrical Inspector, Electrical Mechanical Technician, Electrical Tester, Electromechanical Inspector, Electronics Inspector, Electronics Scale Tester, Electronics Tester, Elevator Examiner, Elevator Examiner and Adjuster, Elevator Inspector, Engine Dynamometer Tester, Engine Tester, Equipment Inspector, Estimator, Examiner, Examiner of Currency, Exhaust Emissions Automotive Technician, Exhaust Emissions Inspector, Experimental Assembler, Eyeglass Frames Inspector, Eyeglass Inspector, Fabric Inspector, Fabrication Inspector, Fiberglass Product Tester, Fiberglass Quality Technician, Fibrous Wallboard Inspector, Filament Tester, Film Flat Inspector, Film Inspector, Film Tests Checker, Film Touch-Up Inspector, Filter Tip Catcher, Filter Tip Inspector, Final Armature Tester, Final Assembly Inspector, Final Canoe Inspector, Final Inspector, Final Installer-Inspector, Final Tester, Finished Carpet Inspector, Finished Cloth Examiner, Finished Stock Inspector, Finisher, Finishing Inspector, Fire Alarm Inspector, Fire Extinguisher Tester, Firearms Inspector, Fireworks Inspector, First Sampler, Fish Liver Sorter, Fish-Bin Tender, Flasher Adjuster, Flat Examiner, Flatwork Tier, Floor Inspector, Floorworker-Distributor, Fluoroscope Operator, Focuser, Focusing Machine Operator, Food Inspector, Food Taster, Force-Variation Equipment Tender, Formation Testing Operator, Forming Department End Finder, Forming Tube Selector, Formula Weigher, Fountain Pen Nibs Inspector, Framing Inspector, Fresh Work Inspector, Fretted Instrument Inspector, Fretted Instruments Inspector, Fruit Buying Grader, Fruit Coordinator, Fuel Testing Technician, Fuel Verification Technician, Functional Tester, Typewriters, Fur Examiner, Fur Grader, Fur Repair Inspector, Fur Sorter, Furnace Combination Analyst, Furnace Combustion Analyst, Furnace Combustion Tester, Furnace Stock Inspector, Furniture Decals Inspector, Furniture Inspector, Garment Alteration Examiner, Garment Examiner, Garment Inspector, Gas Leak Inspector, Gas Leak Tester, Gas Mask Inspector, Gas Meter Checker, Gas Tester, Gasket Inspector, Gauge and Instrument Inspector, Gauge and Weigh Machine Operator, Gauge Inspector, Gauger, Gear Inspector, Gear Sorting and Inspecting Machine Operator, Gear Tester, General Inspector, Glass Checker, Glass Inspector, Glass or Mirror Inspector, Glass Selector, Glassware Selector, Globe Tester, Glove Examiner, Glove Pairer, Glove Parts Inspector, Glucose and Syrup Weigher, Glued Wood Tester, Golf Ball Inspector, Golf Club Head Inspector, Golf Club Head Inspector and Adjuster, Golf Club Weigher, Grader, Grain Mill Products Inspector, Grain Picker, Grain Receiver, Gravel Inspector, Green Inspector, Green Meat Grader, Green Tire Inspector, Grey Goods Examiner, Grinding Wheel Inspector, Gun Examiner, Hair Sample Matcher, Hairspring Adjuster, Hairspring Inspector, Hairspring Truer, Hairspring Truing Inspector, Hand Collator, Hand Counter, Hand Zipper Trimmer, Handbag Frames Inspector, Hardness Inspector, Hardness Tester, Harness and Bag Inspector, Harness Inspector, Harness Puller, Hat Body Sorter, Head Inspector, Heat Reader, Heat Treat Inspector, Heel Sorter, Hide Inspector, Hide Inspector and Sorter, Hides Inspector, Hogshead Inspector, Hogshead Mat Inspector, Holiday Detector Operator, Hooker Inspector, Hop Weigher, Hose Inspector, Hose Inspector and Patcher, Hosiery Mater, Hosiery Pairer, House Piping Inspector, Hull Inspector, Hydraulic Tester, Hydro-Pneumatic Tester, Hydrometer Calibrator, Hydrometer Tester, Hypoid Gear Tester, Inclinometer Tester, Incoming Inspector, Ingredient Scaler, Inked Ribbons Quality Control Technician, Inker, Inspecting and Testing Lead Hand, Inspection Clerk, Inspector, Inspector and Hand Packager, Inspector and Sorter, Inspector and Tester, Inspector Machine Parts, Inspector, Tester, Sorter, Inspector-Repairer, Installations Inspector, Instrument Checker, Instrument Inspector, Insulation Inspector, Insulator Tester, Intake Man, Intake Worker, Integrated Circuits Inspector, Internal Combustion Engine Inspector, Iron Assorter, Jet Inspector, Jewel Gauger, Jewel Inspector, Jewelry Inspector, Jig Inspector, Job Estimator, Job Putter-Up and Ticket Preparer, Kiln Tester, Klystrom Tube Tester, Knitting Tester, Kosher Inspector, Lab Technician, Laboratory Mechanical Technician, Laboratory Sample Carrier, Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Tester, Laminating Machine Offbearer, Lamp Inspector, Lamp Tester and Inspector, Last Sorter, Lasting Floorworker, Launch Check Out, Layout Inspection Quality Control Worker, Layout Inspector, Leaf Size Picker, Leaf Sorter, Leak Detector, Leak Hunter, Leak Inspector, Leakage Tester, Leather Grader, Leather Parts Matcher, Leather Sorter, Lens Blank Gauger, Lens Block Gauger, Lens Examiner, Lens Gauger, Lens Inspector, Lens Matcher, Level Vial Curvature Gauger, Level Vial Inspector, Level Vial Inspector and Tester, Light Out Examiner, Lightout Examiner, Line Analyst, Line Assembly Utility Worker, Line Inspector, Line Rider, Line Walker, Line-Up Examiner, Lineman, Linen Checker, Linen Grader, Liner Checker, Liquor Inspector, Liquor Tester, Lithographed Plate Inspector, Live Ammunition Inspector, Load Checker, Load Tester, Load-Test Mechanic, Location and Measurement Technician, Locks Inspector, Locomotive Inspector, Log Inspector, Loom Checker, Loom Starter, Lumber Grader, Lumber Inspector, Lumber Marker, Lumber Sorter, Lump Inspector, Machine Inspector, Machine Shop Inspector, Machine Tester, Machine Try Out Setter, Machined Parts Quality Inspector, Magnaflux Operator, Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Inspector, Magnetic Tester, Maintenance Inspector, Major Assembly Inspector, Manometer Technician, Marine Equipment Preservation Inspector, Marker, Masonry Inspector, Mat Inspector, Mat Tester, Material Assembler, Material Disposition Inspector, Material Inspector, Materials Inspector, Matrix Inspector, Measurer, Meat Grader, Mechanical Inspector, Mechanical Test Technician, Mechanism Inspector, Mercury Cracking Tester, Metal Can Inspector, Metal Control Worker, Metal Fabricating Inspector, Metal Finish Inspector, Meter Calibrator, Meter Inspector, Meter Tester, Mica Inspector, Mica Patcher, Microfilm Equipment Inspector, Mirror Inspector, Missile Inspector, Moisture Meter Operator, Moisture Meter Reader, Moisture Tester, Mold Inspector, Molded Goods Spot Picker, Molded Parts Inspector, Money Examiner, Moocher, Motor and Chassis Inspector, Motor and Controls Tester, Motor Tester, Motorcycle Tester, Motors and Controls Tester, Motors and Generators Inspector, Movement Assembly Final Inspector, Multifocal Lens Inspector, Needle Grader, Netting Inspector, New Car Inspector, Nib Inspector, Night Patrol Inspector, Noise Tester, Nuclear Test Technician, Nut Sorter, Odd Shoe Examiner, Office Machine Components Inspector-Adjuster, Oil Filters Inspector, Oil Inspector, Oil Pipe Inspector, Olive Brine Tester, Open Die Inspector, Operational Test Mechanic, Optical Glass Inspector, Optical Glass Wet Inspector, Optical Instrument Inspector, Ore Grader, Ore Sampler, Outboard Motor Inspector, Outside Production Inspector, Oxygen System Tester, Packaging Materials Inspector, Paint Spray Inspector, Pairer, Pantry Goods Worker, Pantry Worker, Paper Cone Grader, Paper Counter, Paper Final Inspector, Paper Grader, Paper Inspector, Paper Pattern Inspector, Paper Products Inspector, Paper Sorter, Paper Sorter and Counter, Parachute Inspector, Parts Inspector, Passer, Pasting Inspector, Patch Driller, Patch Finisher, Patcher, Patroller, Pattern Checker, Pattern Lease Inspector, PBX Inspector (Private Branch Exchange Inspector), Peeled Potato Inspector, Pencil Inspector, Petroleum Inspector, Petroleum Sampler, Photo Checker, Photo Checker and Assembler, Photo Mask Inspector, Photographic Equipment Inspector, Pick Up Operator, Picker / Packer, Pickle Sorter, Picture Frames Inspector, Piece Work Inspector, Pinion and Wheel Truer, Pinion Sorter, Pipe Inspector, Pipe Line Inspector, Pipe Line Walker, Pipe Tester, Plant Inspector, Plastics and Composites Inspector, Plate Gauger, Plate Inspector, Plate Mill Hand, Plating Inspector, Pleat Taper, Plug Sorter, Plywood Stock Grader, Pneumatic Deicer Inspector, Poising Inspector, Polarity Tester, Pole Inspector, Potato Chip Sorter, Potato Grader, Potline Monitor, Powder Core Tester, Power Checker, Power Plant Inspector, Power Transformer Inspector, Pre-Assembly Printed Circuit Board Component Tester, Pre-Assembly Printed Circuit Board Inspector, Precision Assembly Inspector, Precision Devices Inspector/Tester, Precision Inspector, Press Pipe Inspector, Pressure Test Operator, Pressure Tester, Pressure Tester Operator, Primer Inspector, Print Inspector, Print Line Inspector, Printed Circuit Board Assembly Touch-Up Screener, Printed Circuit Board Quality Control Group Leader, Printed Circuit Boards Inspector, Process Checker, Process Controller, Process Inspector, Processing Inspector, Processor Inspector, Procurement Inspector, Product Tester, Production Grader, Production Inspector, Production Sampler, Production Sorter, Production Tester, Production Weigher, Proof Coin Collector, Proof Coins Inspector, Proof Inspector, Proof Technician, Proof Technician Helper, Propellant Charge Loader, Propeller Inspector, Propeller Tester, Publications Inspector, Pulp and Paper Tester, Pulp Tester, Pump Tester, Puttier, Putty Patcher, Pyrometer Temperature Regulator, Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance Auditor, Quality Assurance Clerk, Quality Assurance Group Leader, Quality Assurance Inspector (QA Inspector), Quality Assurance Monitor, Quality Assurance Specialist (QA Specialist), Quality Assurance Technician, Quality Assurance Tester, Quality Auditor, Quality Checker, Quality Cloth Tester, Quality Control, Quality Control Auditor, Quality Control Checker, Quality Control Inspector (QC Inspector), Quality Control Technician (QC Technician), Quality Control Tester, Quality Engineer, Quality Inspector, Quality Lab Technician, Quality Lead, Quality Process Auditor, Quality Specialist, Quality Systems Technician, Quality Technician, Quality Tester, Quartz Orientator, Quill Buncher and Sorter, Rack Puncher, Radar Tester, Radiator Core Tester, Radio Tester, Radiographer, Rag Inspector, Rag Picker, Rag Sorter, Railroad Wheels and Axle Inspector, Railroad Wheels and Axles Inspector, Raw Juice Weigher, Raw Sampler, Raw Silk Grader, Re Examiner, Receiving Inspector, Record Changer Tester, Record Tester, Redye Hand, Refrigeration Service Inspector, Refrigerator Tester, Regrader, Regulator Inspector, Regulator Tester, Reinspector, Reject Opener, Rejector, Relay Tester, Remnant Sorter, Resistor Testing Machine Operator, Returned Goods Sorter, Returned Materials Inspector, Ring Sorter, Rivet Sorter, Road Machinery Inspector, Road Tester, Roadability Machine Operator, Rocket Engine Tester, Rocket Motor Tester, Roll Examiner, Roll Inspector, Roll Tension Tester, Roller Bearing Inspector, Roller Checker, Roller Inspector, Roofing Tile Sorter, Rotor Balancer, Rough Rib Grader, Rough Rice Grader, Roving Inspector, Roving or Yarn Color Checker, Roving Sizer, Roving Weight Gauger, Rubber Goods Inspector, Rubber Goods Inspector-Tester, Rubber Goods Tester, Rubber Stamp Dies Inspector, Rubber Tester, Rug Inspector, Safety Equipment Tester, Safety Fire Boss, Salvage Inspector, Salvage Mechanic, Salvage Worker, Salvager, Sample Collector, Sample Color Maker, Sample Examiner, Sample Grader, Sample Maker, Sample Selector, Sample Tester, Sample Tester-Grinder, Sample Washer, Sampler, Sampler and Test Preparer, Sampler Tester, Sand Tester, Sausage Inspector, Scale Balancer, Scale Operator, Scale Tester, Scaler-Packer, Scales Inspector, School Photograph Editor, Scrap Separator, Scrap Sorter, Screen Printing Inspector, Seconds Handler, Selector, Semiconductor Packages Leak Tester, Semiconductor Packages Tester, Semiconductor Testing Group Leader, Semiconductor Wafer Inspector, Semiconductor Wafer Processing Inspector, Semiconductor Wafers Tester, Senior QC Technician, Senior Quality Control Inspector, Senior Quality Technician, Sensitized Paper Tester, Separator, Service Inspector, Service Writer, Set Up Inspector, Set-Up and Lay-Out Inspector, Sewer Inspector, Sewing Machine Tester, Shade Matcher, Shader, Shadowgraph Operator, Shadowgraph Scale Operator, Shaker Plate Operator, Shank Inspector, Shell Grader, Shells Inspector, Shingle Grader, Shingle Inspector, Shipping Inspector, Shoe Parts Caser, Shop Estimator, Shot Examiner, Shuttle Final Inspector, Shuttle Inspector, Sight Mounter, Signal Tester, Silk Screen Printing Racker, Sizer, Skin Grader, Slide Fasteners Inspector, Snuff Container Inspector, Soap Inspector, Soldering Inspector, Sorter, Sorter Operator, Sorter/Assay Tech, Sorting Machine Operator, Sound Tester, Spark Plug Tester, Spark Tester, Special Tester, Speedometer Inspector, Spindle Tester, Spoilage Worker, Spool Sorter, Spot Checker, Spotter, Spring Inspector, Spring Tester, Static Balancer, Stave Grader, Steel Inspector, Steel Sampler, Steelscope Operator, Stencil Inspector, Stock Parts Inspector, Stock Sorter, Stocking Inspector, Stone Grader, Storage Battery Inspector, Storage Battery Inspector and Tester, Storage Battery Tester, Stummel Selector, Substation Inspector, Sumatra Opener, Surgical Garment Inspector, Surgical Instruments Inspector, Surveillance Inspector, Swatch Checker, Switch Inspector, Switchboard Inspector, Table Worker, Tablet Tester, Tank Car Inspector, Tank Tester, Targeteer, Taster, Tea Taster, Tech Brazer Tester, Telegraph Inspector, Television Analyzer, Television Inspector, Television Parts Tester, Temperature Control Inspector, Temperature Inspector, Temperature Regulator, Template Checker, Test Car Driver, Test Carrier, Test Desk Trouble Locator, Test Driver, Test Inspection Engineer, Test Preparer, Test Technician, Test Worker, Tester, Tester Operator, Tester/Lift Trucker, Testing and Regulating Technician, Testing Machine Operator, Testing, Shaking, Shipping, Texturing Process Quality Control Checker, Thermocouple Tester, Thermometer Tester, Thread Checker, Thread Inspector, Ticket Puller, Tie Inspector, Tight Barrel Inspector, Tile Grader, Tile Picker, Tile Shader, Tile Sorter, Timber Inspector, Time Clock Inspector, Timer, Timers Inspector, Timing Inspector, Tin Assorter, Tin Flipper, Tin Flopper, Tip Length Checker, Tire Balancer, Tire Classifier, Tire Inspector, Tire Mold Tester, Tire Sorter, Tire Technician, Tire Tester, Tobacco Classer, Tobacco Grader, Tobacco Sample Puller, Tobacco Sampler, Toll Line Inspector, Tool Inspector, Tooth Inspector, Torque Tester, Towel Inspector, Towel Sorter, Toys Inspector, Transformer Tester, Transistor Tester, Transmission Inspector, Transmission Tester, Treating Inspector, Triple Air-Valve Tester, Trouble Locater, Trouble Shooter, Truck Trailer Final Inspector, Truer, Try Out Person, Tube Inspector, Tube Sorter, Tube Tester, Turbine Attendant, Twist Tester, Type Inspector, Type-Copy Examiner, Typewriter Assembly and Parts Inspector, Typewriter Tester, Ultrasonic Tester, Upholstery Covers Inspector, Upholstery Parts Sorter, Upper Leather Sorter, Utilities Service Investigator, Valve Tester, Varnish Inspector, Vegetable Tester, Veneer Grader, Veneer Matcher, Veneer Measurer, Veneer Stock Grader, Vibrator Equipment Tester, Viscosity Tester, Voltage Tester, Wafer Substrate Tester, Wallpaper Inspector, Wallpaper Inspector and Shipper, Ware Tester, Warp Tester, Warp Yarn Sorter, Waste Disposal Leakage Tester, Waste Examiner, Waste Salvager, Watch Assembly Inspector, Watch Parts Inspector, Watch Train Inspector, Water Leak Repairer, Water Quality Tester, Weaving Inspector, Webbing Inspector, Weigh Machine Operator, Weigh Tank Operator, Weigher and Crusher, Weigher and Grader, Weigher Operator, Weight Tester, Weight Yardage Checker, Weld Inspector, Wet Wash Assembler, Wheel and Pinion Inspector, Wheel Inspector, Winder, Winding Inspector, Winding Inspector and Tester, Wire Inspector, Wire Products Inspector, Wire Tester, Wood Inspector, Wood Panel Inspector, Wood Scaler, Wood Treating Inspector, Woodwind Instruments Inspector, Woodwork Salvage Inspector, Wool and Pelt Grader, Wool Puller, Wrap Yarn Sorter, Wrapper Counter, Wrapper Selector, Wrapping Checker, Wreath Inspector, X Ray Equipment Tester, X-Ray Inspector, Yard Inspector, Yarn Cleaner, Yarn Dumper, Yarn Examiner, Yarn Skeins Examiner, Yarn Sorter, Yield Loss Inspector, Yield-Loss Inspector, Zyglo Inspector, Zyglo Technician.