Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Workers, All Other

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Workers, All Other

All installation, maintenance, and repair workers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Administrative & Support Services, Construction,

Job Family Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Sample Job Titles AMF Mechanic, Angle Furnaceman, Anglesmith, Anode Worker, Anvil Worker, Anvilsmith, Armorer, Assembled Wood Products Repairer, Auto Dismantler, Auto Salvage Worker, Auto Wrecker, Automatic Dispenser Mechanic, Automatic Pinsetter Adjuster, Automatic Pinsetter Mechanic, Automobile Wrecker, Aviation Safety Equipment Technician, Barrel Cooper, Barrel Repairer, Beltman, Bench Mechanic, Billiard Table Mechanic, Binder and Box Builder, Blacksmith, Blacksmith Apprentice, Blemish Remover, Bonded Structures Repairer, Book Repairer, Bowling Alley Mechanic, Bowling Pin Setters Installer, Braider Setter, Buffing and Polishing Wheel Repairer, Car Wrecker, Care Taker, Caretaker, Casting Repairer, Chain Maker, Checkering Machine Adjuster, Cigarette Lighter Repairer, Complaint Inspector, Cooper, Cooper Apprentice, Cooperer, Coopersmith, Custom Motorcycle Painter, Deicer Repairer, Display Mechanic, Doll Repairer, Doll Surgeon, Drink Box Mechanic, Electrotype Servicer, Energy Conservation Representative, Equipment Manager, Experimental Rocket Sled Mechanic, Figure Refinisher and Repairer, Finger Cobbler, Finished Metal Repairer, Fire Alarm Repairer, Fire Control Mechanic, Fire Control Technician, Fire Equipment Inspector, Fire Equipment Repairer Inspector, Fire Extinguisher Charger, Fire Extinguisher Installer, Fire Extinguisher Mechanic, Fire Extinguisher Repairer, Fire Extinguisher Repairer Inspector, Fire Fighting Equipment Specialist, Fishing Gear Mechanic, Fishing Rod Mechanic, Frame Repairer, Furnace Repair Mechanic, Furniture Installer, Furniture Mechanic, Gas Meter Installer, Gasoline Pump Installer, Glass-Lined Tank Repairer, Golf Club Maker, Golf Club Repairer, Ground Water Pump Installer, Ground Worker, Groundsman, Gun Fitter, Gun Mechanic, Gun Synchronizer, Gun Tester, Gunsmith, Gunsmith Apprentice, Hand Spring Repairer Helper, Handtools Repairer, Hearing-Aid Repairer, Hydraulic Press Operator, Installation Technician, Installer, Jet Handler, Jet Man, Jet Worker, Last Remodeler Repairer, Last Repairer, Lead Tank Mechanic, Lighting Equipment Operator, Machine Gun Mechanic, Maintenance and Repair Worker, Maintenance Repairman, Mat Repairer, Match Up Worker, Mechanic, Metal Furniture Repairer, Mother Repairer, Needle Board Repairer, Ordnance Artificer, Ordnance Keeper, Ordnance Mechanic, Pens and Pencils Repairer, Picture Framer, Pipe Stem Repairer, Plastic Boat Patcher, Plastics Repairer, Pool Table Mechanic, Porcelain Enamel Repairer, Pressure Sealer and Tester, Production Ski Repairer, Propeller Mechanic, Pump Erector, Pump Installer, Pump Rebuilder, Pump Servicer, Reclamation Worker, Recooperer, Repairer, Repairman, Repatcher, Roller Skate Repairer, Rubber Boots and Shoes Repairer, Rubber Goods Repairer, Safety Lamp Keeper, Self Sealing Fuel Tank Repairer, Service Representative, Service Technician, Shipsmith, Shop Cooper, Shop Estimator, Sight Effects Specialist, Silk Screen Repairer, Ski Binding Fitter and Repairer, Ski Lift Mechanic, Slack Cooper, Smoking Pipe Repairer, Sports Equipment Repairer, Stock Patcher, Survival Equipment Repairer, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Service Technician, Swimming Pool Servicer, Tight Cooper, Tool Adjuster, Tool Repairer, Toolsmith, Towel Cabinet Repairer, Toy Electric Train Repairer, Toy Mechanic, Tub Mender, Tube Repairer, Umbrella Repairer, Vehicle Dismantler, Veneer Sheet Repairer, Venetian Blind Cleaner and Repairer, Voting Machine Mechanic, Weapons Mechanic, Wheel and Caster Repairer, Wheel Truer, Wheelwright, Windmill Mechanic, Window Repairer, Window Shade Installer, Wood Barrel Reconditioner, Wooden Barrel Mechanic.