Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers

Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers

Landscape or maintain grounds of property using hand or power tools or equipment. Workers typically perform a variety of tasks, which may include any combination of the following: sod laying, mowing, trimming, planting, watering, fertilizing, digging, raking, sprinkler installation, and installation of mortarless segmental concrete masonry wall units.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Attention to Detail * Self Control * Cooperation * Dependability * Achievement/Effort * Concern for Others * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Use hand tools, such as shovels, rakes, pruning saws, saws, hedge or brush trimmers, or axes. * Gather and remove litter. * Operate vehicles or powered equipment, such as mowers, tractors, twin-axle vehicles, snow blowers, chain-saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, or pruning saws.


Retail Trade, Manufacturing,

Job Family Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance

Sample Job Titles Athletic Field Custodian, Bonsai Tender, Brush Cutter, Caretaker, Cemetery Keeper, Cemetery Laborer, Cemetery Warden, Cemetery Worker, Equipment Operator, Flower Picker, Flower Planter, Gardener, Golf Course Keeper, Golf Course Laborer, Grass Cutter, Grave Cleaner, Greens Cutter, Greens Keeper, Greens Laborer, Greenskeeper, Greenskeeper Laborer, Greensman, Ground Crewman, Ground Worker, Groundperson, Grounds Caretaker, Grounds Cleaner, Grounds Keeper, Grounds Maintenance Worker, Grounds Person, Grounds Worker, Grounds/Maintenance Specialist, Groundskeeper, Groundskeeping Maintenance, Groundskeeping Maintenance Worker, Groundskeeping Yardman, Groundsman, Hedge Trimmer, Horticultural Worker, Horticulture Worker, Indoor Landscaper/Gardener, Industrial-Commercial Groundskeeper, Interior Plant Caretaker, Irrigation Technician, Laborer, Land Clearer, Landscape and Yardwork Laborer, Landscape Crew Member, Landscape Foreman, Landscape Gardener, Landscape Laborer, Landscape Management Technician, Landscape Specialist, Landscape Technician, Landscaper, Landscaper Helper, Landscaping and Groundskeeping Laborer, Landscaping Crew Leader, Landscaping Specialist, Lawn Care Professional, Lawn Care Technician, Lawn Care Worker, Lawn Caretaker, Lawn Maintenance Worker, Lawn Mower, Lawn Mower Operator, Lawn Service Worker, Lawn Sprinkler Installer, Lawn Sprinkler Servicer, Maintenance Aide, Maintenance Groundman, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Worker, Mall Plant Caretaker, Mower Operator, Mowing Machine Operator, Nursery Helper, Orchid Transplanter, Outside Maintenance Worker, Park Keeper, Plant Care Worker, Sexton, Sexton Helper, Shrub Planter, Sod Cutter, Sod Stripper, Sodder, Sprinkler Installer, Tree Surgeon Helper, Turfgrass Technician, Utility Worker, Weed Burner, Weed Controller, Weed Cutter, Weed Thinner, Weeder, Yard Laborer, Yard Person, Yard Worker, Yardman.