Machine Feeders and Offbearers

Machine Feeders and Offbearers

Feed materials into or remove materials from machines or equipment that is automatic or tended by other workers.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Concern for Others * Independence * Integrity * Self Control * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Stress Tolerance

Representative Tasks * Inspect materials and products for defects, and to ensure conformance to specifications. * Record production and operational data, such as amount of materials processed. * Push dual control buttons and move controls to start, stop, or adjust machinery and equipment.


Manufacturing, Transportation & Warehousing,

Job Family Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles Abrasive Grader Helper, Acid Dumper, Archery Equipment Hay Sorter, Assembly Machine Operator, Assistant Floor Covering Printer, Automatic Glove Former, Automatic Glove Turner and Former, Automatic Nail Polish Brush Machine Feeder, Automatic Nailing Machine Feeder, Automatic Spooler Operator, Automatic Stacker, Back Tender, Bag Sewer, Bakery Worker, Ball Machine Operator, Bar Catcher, Barking Machine Feeder, Base Remover, Batch Mixer, Batch Trucker, Battery Loader, Battery Wrecker Operator, Bead Picker, Beam Racker, Beater and Pulper Feeder, Belt Knife Feeder, Belt Line Feeder, Belt Sander, Stone, Beveling and Edging Machine Operator Helper, Beveling Machine Operator, Bindery Machine Feeder-Offbearer, Bisque Placer, Black Powder Glazing Operator, Block Feeder, Block Handler, Board Catcher, Bobbin Cleaning Machine Operator, Bone Char Operator, Boom Man, Boom Worker, Box Stacker, Brake Lining Curer, Break Off Worker, Brick Catcher, Brick Loader, Brick Off Bearer, Brick Offbearer, Broomcorn Press Feeder, Broomcorn Scraper, Broomcorn Seeder, Brush or Broom Cutter, Bulb Filler, Bundle Sorter, Bundles Hanger, Burr Grinder, Cake Knocker, Cake Puller, Cake Puncher, Calcine Furnace Loader, Calender Feeder, Can Carrier, Can Doffer, Can Dragger, Can Feeder, Can Pusher, Can Worker, Cane Feeder, Carbon Rod Inserter, Carroting Machine Offbearer, Carry in Worker, Carton Counter Feeder, Casing Cleaner, Casing in Line Feeder, Casing Machine Operator, Cell Stripper, Chain Offbearer, Chain Person, Chainman, Chicle Grinder Feeder, Chip Crusher Operator, Chip Drier, Chip Washer, Chipman, Chipper Feeder, Chute Feeder, Cigar Machine Feeder, Cigarette Making Machine Hopper Feeder, Cleat Feeder, Cleat Layer, Clip Loading Machine Feeder, Cloth Doffer, Cloth Feeder, Cloth Printer Helper, Clothespin Machine Operator, Coal Feeder Operator, Coating Machine Feeder, Color Dipper, Compound Coating Machine Offbearer, Compound Filler, Compound Worker, Conveyor Feeder, Conveyor Feeder Offbearer, Conveyor Loader, Cork Pressing Machine Operator, Cotton Ball Bagger, Cotton Cleaner, Cotton Feeder, Cotton Puller, Cotton Tipper, Cotton Washer, Cotton Wringer, Crayon Sorting Machine Feeder, Crimper, Crusher Feeder, Crushing Machine Operator, Cupola Charger, Cupola Charger, Insulation, Curing Press Operator, Cut in Station Operator, Cut in Worker, Cutting Machine Offbearer, Cylinder Press Feeder, Dairy Worker, Dairyman, Deckhand, Delivery Table Feeder, Design Assembler, Dessert Cup Machine Feeder, Destaticizer Feeder, Devulcanizer Charger, Digester Hand, Digester Operator Helper, Dip Stand Loader, Disc-Pad Grinding Machine Feeder, Disintegrator Feeder, Drier, Drier Attendant, Drier Feeder, Drier Operator, Drier Operator V, Drier Take Off Tender, Dry Chain Operator, Dry Chain Puller, Dry Chain Worker, Dry Kiln Feeder, Dry Kiln Loader, Dryer Feeder, Drying Oven Attendant, Drying Rack Changer, Dumper, Dust Mill Operator, Dye-House Worker, Dye-Stand Loader, Dyed Raw Stock Blower Feeder, Dynamite Packing Machine Feeder, Edge Banding Machine Offbearer, Edge Banding Off Bearer, Edge Runner, Edger Machine Helper, Edging Machine Feeder, End-Touching Machine Operator, Enrobing Machine Feeder, Extract Puller, Extractor Loader and Unloader, Extractor Operator Helper, Feather Curling Machine Operator, Feather Cutting Machine Feeder, Feather Drying Machine Operator, Feeder, Feeder Catcher, Feeder/Folder, Felt Hanger, Felt Tipping Machine Tender, Filler Feeder, Finishing Machine Operator, First Breaker Feeder, Fish Boning Machine Feeder, Fish Dressing Machine Feeder, Fish Machine Feeder, Fish Skinning Machine Feeder, Fish Straightener, Flatwork Finisher, Floor Covering Printer Assistant, Flumer, Fly Worker, Folding Machine Feeder, Folding Machine Operator, Frame Feeder, Fringing Machine Operator, Fuel House Attendant, Furnace Helper, Fusing Furnace Loader, Fusing Machine Feeder, Gang Tailer, Gathering Machine Feeder, General Helper, Glass Cutting Machine Feeder, Glass Vial Bending Conveyor Feeder, Glost Placer, Gluing Machine Feeder, Gluing Machine Offbearer, Green Chain Off Bearer, Green Chain Operator, Green Chain Puller, Green Chain Worker, Green Chainer, Groover, Guider, Hacker, Hair Spinner, Hair Spinning Machine Operator, Hat and Cap Opener, Hat Forming Machine Feeder, Hay Sorter, Head Doffer, Head Machine Feeder, Heat Curer, Heat Treater, Hemp Fiber Taker-Off, Hog Feeder, Hog Man, Hog Worker, Hoop Coiler, Hopper Feeder, Hopper Filler, Horser Up, Hose Tubing Backer, Hot Plate Plywood Press Laborer, Injection Molding Machine Offbearer, Jogger, Kiln Loader, Kiln Placer, Kiln Remover, Knocker, Laminated Plastic Tabletop Molding Wrapper, Laminating Machine Feeder, Lathe Puller, Layer, Line Operator, Loader, Loading Machine Operator, Log Feeder, Lowerator Operator, Lug Loader, Lumber Chain Offbearer, Lumber Tailer, Machine Applicator Cementer, Machine Clipper, Machine Egg Washer, Machine Feed Operator, Machine Feeder, Machine Feeder Floorperson, Machine Grainer, Machine Helper, Machine Hose Cutter, Machine Long Goods Helper, Machine Plug Shaper, Machine Steak Tenderizer, Machine Striper, Machine Tailer, Machine Worker, Magazine Feeder, Magazine Filler, Magazine Grinder Loader, Magazine Hand, Mangle Press Catcher, Masking Machine Feeder, Mat Packer, Matcher Offbearer, Material Distributor, Mending Carrier, Mica Laminating Machine Feeder, Mill Operator Helper, Mirror Machine Feeder, Mixing Machine Feeder, Molder Helper, Molding Machine Operator Helper, Mottler Machine Feeder, Mounter, Multiple Drum Sander Helper, Nail Feeder, Nail Polish Brush Machine Feeder, Nailing Machine Feeder, Necker, Needle Punch Machine Operator Helper, Nut Chopper, Odd Bundle Worker, Offbearer, Opener, Outsole Flexer, Package Crimper, Packing Floor Worker, Packing Machine Can Feeder, Pad Machine Feeder, Pad Machine Offbearer, Paint Pourer, Paper Bag Press Operator, Paper Cone Drying Machine Operator, Pasting Machine Offbearer, Pen or Pencil Assembly Machine Operator, Perfect Binder Feeder Offbearer, Pie Bakery Laborer, Pig Iron Loader, Pillowcase Turner, Pin Maker, Pipe Smoking Machine Offbearer, Pitch Worker, Placer, Planer Feeder, Planer Off Bearer, Planer Tailer, Planning Feeder, Plastic Design Applier, Plate Take Out Worker, Plating Machine Operator, Plywood Layup Line Back Feeder, Plywood Layup Line Core Layer, Pole-Peeling Machine Operator Helper, Polishing Machine Operator Helper, Poly Packer and Heat Sealer, Pond Worker, Pony Rougher, Preparation Room Worker, Press Assistant and Feeder, Press Breaker, Press Bucker, Press Catcher, Press Feeder, Press Machine Feeder, Press Offbearer, Print Line Feeder, Print Line Tailer, Printed Circuit Board Panels Deburrer, Printer Slotter Feeder, Printer Slotter Helper, Printing Gray-Cloth Tender, Printing Grey Cloth Tender, Production Helper, Pulp Grinder Feeder, Pulverizer Feeder, Quill Cleaner, Quill Collector, Quill Skinner, Quill Stripper, Quill Worker, Rack Loader, Racker, Rag Cutting Machine Feeder, Raised Printer, Raw Stock Machine Feeder, Raw Stock Machine Loader, Reed Press Feeder, Reflector Driller and Deburrer, Resaw Tailer, Retort Unloader, Rip Tailer, Rockman, Rodman, Roll Tender, Rotary Cutter Feeder, Rotary Drier Feeder, Rubber Roller Grinder, Ruling Machine Feeder, Saw Feeder, Saw Tailer, Sawmill Worker, Sawyer, Scorer Helper, Scrap Sorter, Screen Printing Loader-Unloader, Screen-Printing Machine Loader-Unloader, Sequins Spooler, Service Worker, Sewer Pipe Offbearer, Sewing Line Baler, Shake Loader, Sheet Catcher, Sheet Tailer, Shellfish Processing Laborer, Shingle Catcher, Shingle Shearing Machine Operator, Shredded Filler Hopper Feeder, Shuttle Hand, Skinning Machine Feeder, Slab Puller, Slab Stripper, Slab Worker, Slabber, Slicing Machine Tender, Slip Feeder, Slitter-Creaser-Slotter Helper, Soap Chipper, Sock Boarder, Spike Machine Feeder, Spike Machine Heater, Spinning Doffer, Splitting Machine Feeder, Spooler Operator, Spray Machine Loader, Spray Unit Feeder, Stave Planer Tender, Steam Tunnel Feeder, Stem Sizer, Sticker, Sticker Hand, Sticker Machine Operator, Sticker Operator, Stickman, Stitching Machine Feeder or Offbearer, Stone Driller Helper, Stoneworking Belt Sander, Stoneworking Sander, Strander, Stranner, Strip Catcher, Stripper, Suppository Molding Machine Operator, Sweatband Cutting Machine Operator, Sweatband Flanger, Swing Tender, Switch Maker, Tabber, Table Worker, Tableman, Tag Stringer, Tagger, Tail Dogger, Tail Worker, Tailer, Tailer Off, Take Away Man, Take Away Worker, Take-Off Man, Take-Off Worker, Taker, Taker Off, Tamale Machine Feeder, Temple Marker, Tester-Operator Helper, Thermograph Operator, Third Dry-Cell Assembling Machine Tender, Thread Pulling Machine Attendant, Threading Machine Feeder Automatic, Tobacco Cloth Reclaimer, Tobacco Feeder-Catcher, Tobacco Hanger, Toggle Press Folder and Feeder, Top Dyeing Machine Loader, Tray Filler, Trimmer Helper, Tripper, Tube Handler, Tube Puller, Turn Down Attendant, Turn Down Man, Turn Down Worker, Twisting Machine Operator, Unscrambler, Utility Worker, Vat House Laborer, Veneer Drier Feeder, Veneer Jointer Offbearer, Veneer Stock Layer, Veneer Taping Machine Offbearer, Ware Server, Warp Coiler, Warp Hauler, Warp Placer, Warp Worker, Warpman, Washing Machine Loader and Puller, Waste and Batting Waste Chopper, Waste Chopper, Waste Machine Offbearer, Waste Paper Hammermill Operator, Wave Solder Offbearer, Web Press Jogger, Weight Checker, Wet Cotton Feeder, Wet Machine Cutter, Wire Charger, Wire Threader, Wood Handler, Wood Scrap Handler, Woodworking Machine Feeder, Woodworking Machine Offbearer, Wool Washer Feeder.