Set up and operate a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments. Includes precision instrument makers who fabricate, modify, or repair mechanical instruments. May also fabricate and modify parts to make or repair machine tools or maintain industrial machines, applying knowledge of mechanics, mathematics, metal properties, layout, and machining procedures.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Independence * Self Control * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Integrity * Persistence * Innovation * Stress Tolerance

Representative Tasks * Machine parts to specifications, using machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, shapers, or grinders. * Calculate dimensions or tolerances, using instruments such as micrometers or vernier calipers. * Set up, adjust, or operate basic or specialized machine tools used to perform precision machining operations.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Aircraft Machinist, Auto Machinist, Automotive Machinist, Automotive Machinist Apprentice, Bench Hand, Carbide Operator, CNC Lathe Machinist (Computer Numerically Controlled Lathe Machinist), CNC Machinist (Computer Numerically Controlled Machinist), CNC Mill Machinist (Computer Numerically Controlled Mill Machinist), Conventional Machinist, Deck Engineer, Development Mechanic, Electrical Experimental Mechanic, Electrical Instrument Maker, Electrical Machinist, Experimental Machinist, Experimental Mechanic, Fitter, Fixture Maker, Fluid-Power Mechanic, Four-Slide Operator, Gear Machinist, Geothermal Heat Pump Machinist, Head Machinist, Hydroelectric Component Machinist, Instrument Maker, Instrument Maker and Repairer, Instrument Maker Apprentice, Jobber, Journeyman Machinist, Laboratory Machinist, Lathe Machinist, Machine Fitter, Machine Operator, Machine Repair Person, Machine Set-Up, Machine Setter, Machine Setup Operator, Machinist, Machinist A, Machinist Apprentice, Machinist Class B, Machinist Mate, Machinist Tool and Die, Machinist-Set-Up, Machinist/Machine Builder, Maintenance Machinist, Maintenance Specialist, Manual Lathe Machinist, Manual Machinist, Master Machinist, Mechanical Laboratory Technician, Mechanist, Metal Machinist, NC Machinist, Outside Machinist, Outside Machinist Apprentice, Precision Instrument Maker, Precision Machine Operator, Precision Machinist, Printing Press Machinist, Production Machinist, Rocket Motor Mechanic, Secondary Set-Up Man, Senior Maintenance Machinist, Set-Up Machinist, Set-Up Operator, Test Technician, Thermometer Maker, Tool and Die Machinist, Tool Machinist, Tool Room Machinist, Toolroom Machinist, Trouble Shooter, Turret Lathe Machinist, Utility Operator, Wind Turbine Machinist.