Managers, All Other

Managers, All Other

All managers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks



Job Family Management

Sample Job Titles Animal Ride Manager, Aquatic Facility Manager, Area Development Manager, Area Supervisor, Armored Transport Service Manager, Art Coordinator, Arts Administrator, Association Executive, Auto Repair Shop Manager, Barber or Beauty Shop Manager, Billiard Parlor Manager, Billing Manager, Board of Education Secretary, Body Shop Manager, Bowling Alley Manager, Box Office Manager, Branch Chief, Branch Office Manager, Cable Supervisor, Call Center Manager, Call Center Supervisor, Camp Director, Camp Manager, Car Wash Manager, Chamber of Commerce Division Manager, Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President, Chancery Clerk, Chief Clerk, Commercial Attache, Communications Manager, Communications Station Manager, Communications Superintendent, Concert Manager, Consul, Contracts Director, Corporation Secretary, Craft Center Director, Dance Studio Manager, Dental Office Manager, Dental Services Director, Director of Consumer Affairs, Director of Entertainment, Director of Extension Work, Director of Health Education, Director of in Service Education, Director of Professional Services, Director of Research, Director of Vocational Training, Distribution Superintendent, Division Chief, Dog Races Manager, Dude Ranch Manager, Education Supervisor, Electric Power Superintendent, Entertainment Director, Entertainment Manager, Environmental Control Administrator, Extension Service Specialist-in-Charge, Extension Work Director, Extermination Supervisor, Field Director, Field Services Director, Field Supervisor, Fish and Game Club Manager, Gas Well Drilling Manager, General Road Production Manager, Generating Plant Superintendent, Geophysical Prospecting Field Party Manager, Golf Club Manager, Group Manager, Gun Club Manager, Gym Manager, Handicraft or Hobby Shop Manager, Health Club Manager, Health Information Manager, Highway Patrol Commander, Home Service Director, Horse Racetrack Manager, Horse Racing Manager, Horse Show Manager, Hospitality House Supervisor, Hotel Recreational Facilities Manager, House Manager, Irrigation District Manager, Labor Union Business Representative, Laboratory Manager, Laundry Superintendent, Leased Machinery and Equipment Service Supervisor, Lottery Manager, Magazine Publisher, Management Trainee, Manufacturer, Marina Dry Dock Manager, Media Traffic Manager, Membership Director, Mining Manager, Modeling Agency Manager, Music Publisher, Newspaper Publisher, Night Club Manager, Nurses' Association Executive Director, Off Track Betting Manager, Oil Well Drilling Manager, Operations Coordinator, Pharmacy Manager, Planning Coordinator, Plant Assigner, Plant Protection Superintendent, Pool Manager, Poolroom/Poolhall Manager, Power Superintendent, Program Manager, Project Administrator, Project Coordinator, Project Director, Project Leader, Project Manager, Property Utilization Officer, Protective Signal Operations Supervisor, Publication Director, Publisher, Quality Assurance Director, Quality Control Coordinator, Quarrying Manager, Racing Manager, Radio Communications Superintendent, Recreation Establishment Manager, Recreation Facility Manager, Register in Chancery, Register of Wills, Registrar, Registration Officer, Relocation Director, Research and Development Director, Research Development Director, Research Director, Revenue Settlements Administrator, Safety Coordinator, Safety Director, Safety Manager, Safety Supervisor, Service Director, Shift Manager, Show Operations Supervisor, Skating Rink Manager, Social Science Manager, Software Publisher, Solid Waste Disposal Manager, State Board of Nursing Educational Consultant, Station Manager, Stations Relations Contact Representative, Superintendent of Generation, Supervisor of Communications, Supervisor, Road, Administrator, System Operation Superintendent, Team Leader, Telegraph Office Manager, Testing and Regulating Chief, Testing Director, Tests Superintendent, Theater Manager, Title Search Manager, Traffic Chief, Transcription Manager, Transmission Superintendent, Travel Agency Manager, Utilities Manager, Water Control Supervisor, Water Registrar, Watermaster, Winter Sports Manager.