Material Moving Workers, All Other

Material Moving Workers, All Other

All material moving workers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Retail Trade, Transportation & Warehousing, Wholesale Trade,

Job Family Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles Barge Loader, Board Stacker, Boat Hoist Operator Helper, Boat Loader, Boat Loader Helper, Bobbin Hauler, Bobbin Trucker, Brick Setter, Brick Wheeler, Bucket Operator, Bull Chain Operator, Cage Loader, Cage Unloader, Cager Operator, Canal Tender, Car Dropper, Car Dumper Operator, Car Mover, Car Runner, Car Shifter, Car Trimmer, Carrier, Cat Wagon Operator, Cement Boat and Barge Loader, Chain Hooker, Charge Machine Operator, Chip Unloader, Chute Loader, Clay Carman, Clay Transporter, Cloth Carrier, Cloth Hauler, Coal Carrier, Coal Equipment Operator, Coal Handler, Coal Screener, Coal Whipper, Coke Wheeler, Collector, Cone Trucker, Cooker Loader, Crane Chaser, Crane Follower, Crane Helper, Crane Hooker, Derrick Follower, Distributor, Ditch Tender, Dock Hand, Dope Worker, Dragline Operator Helper, Dragman, Drayman, Dredge or Barge Shore Hand, Dropper, Drum Carrier, Dry House Wheeler, Dump Operator, Dumpcart Driver, Dumper, Dumping-Machine Operator, Elevator Attendant, Elevator Conductor, Elevator Dispatcher, Elevator Operator, Elevator Pilot, Elevator Runner, Elevator Starter, Elevator Supervisor, Ferryboat Operator Helper, Fish Bailer, Flumer, Freight Elevator Operator, Freight Trucker, Gravel Wheeler, Hack Driver, Hand Trucker, Hauler, Headman, Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Truck Driver, Hitcher, Hogshead Dumper, Hoisting Laborer, Horses or Mules Teamster, Inspector of Dredging, Kiln Transfer Operator, Lander, Lead Cargo Mover, Lead Cargoman, Line Mover, Load Dropper, Loader Helper, Loading Machine Operator Helper, Log Hooker, Log Snaker, Logger, Driving Horses, Longshore Equipment Operator, Lowerator Operator, Machine Stacker, Malt House Loader, Malthouse Laborer, Manganese Wheeler, Manipulator Operator, Material Handling Equipment Longshoreman, Material Handling Equipment Stevedore, Material Movers, Metal Buggy Operator, Monorail Car Operator, Monorail Hooker, Moveman, Mule Driver, Mule Packer, Pack Master, Package Pick Up, Packer, Palletizer, Passenger Elevator Operator, Pick Up, Pigment Pusher, Production Supply Equipment Tender, Rack Carrier, Rackman, Rail Tractor Operator, Rider, Roll Handler, Roll Hauler, Roll Scale Man, Roll Scale Worker, Roll Trucker, Routing Equipment Tender, Ship Loader, Silo Man, Silo Operator, Silo Tender, Silo Worker, Skip Loader, Skip Operator, Skip Tender, Slab Depiler Operator, Slag Wheeler, Snaker, Driving Horses, Spool Carrier, Spool Hauler, Spool Worker, Stacker and Sorter Operator, Staker, Storer, Stower, Suction Worker, Teamster, Tipple Operator, Tipple Tender, Tipple Worker, Top Carrier, Transfer Car Operator, Transfer Man, Transfer Worker, Trolley Operator, Truckman, Utility Worker, Wagon Person, Waste Disposal Attendant, Water Carter, Water Hauler, Water Tender, Wharf Tender, Wharf Worker, Wheeler, Windlasser, Wire Wheeler, Yarn Man, Yarn Worker, Zanjero.