Metal-Refining Furnace Operators and Tenders

Metal-Refining Furnace Operators and Tenders

Operate or tend furnaces, such as gas, oil, coal, electric-arc or electric induction, open-hearth, or oxygen furnaces, to melt and refine metal before casting or to produce specified types of steel.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Self Control * Independence * Cooperation * Integrity * Analytical Thinking * Adaptability/Flexibility * Concern for Others * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Regulate supplies of fuel and air, or control flow of electric current and water coolant to heat furnaces and adjust temperatures. * Record production data, and maintain production logs. * Observe air and temperature gauges or metal color and fluidity, and turn fuel valves or adjust controls to maintain required temperatures.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Arc / Argon Oxygen Decarborization Melter (ARC / AOD Melter), Automatic Furnace Operator, Backbreaker, Bessemer Converter Blower, Bessemer Converter Operator, Bessemer Regulator, Blade Bender Furnace Tender, Blast Furnace Blower, Blast Furnace Keeper, Blast Furnace Operator, Blast Furnace Tender, Blower Operator, Burner, Burner Tender, Cadmium Burner, Central Melt Specialist, Charge Operator, Charger Operator, Charging Machine Operator, Coke Burner, Coke Drawer, Condenser Setter, Control Room Operator, Converter, Converter Operator, Converter Skimmer, Cooler Operator, Copper Tapper, Cover Operator, Crucible Furnace Tender, Cupola Melter, Cupola Operator, Desilverizer, Electric Arc Furnace Operator, Electric Furnace Operator, Electric Melt Operator, Feeder, Fettler, Fire Regulator, Floater Operator, Flux Plant Operator, Flux Tube Attendant, Foundry Worker Apprentice, Furnace Charger, Furnace Checker, Furnace Door Tender, Furnace Filler, Furnace Firer, Furnace Hand, Furnace Keeper, Furnace Loader, Furnace Operator, Furnace Puncher, Furnace Roaster, Furnace Tapper, Gas Reverser, Gas Tender, Head Charger, Hearth Feeder, Hot Baller, Hot Blast Worker, Hot Car Charger, Hot Iron Worker, Hot Metal Car Operator, Hot Metal Charger, Ingot Passer, Iron Caster, Iron Founder, Iron Melter, Kettle Skimmer, Kettle Worker, Kiln Burner, Kiln Firer, Kiln Operator, Kiln Packer, Kiln Tender, Lead Furnace Operator, Lead Refiner, Lead Shop Operator, Leveler, Manganese Heater, Melt Down Furnace Operator, Melt Room Operator, Melter, Melting Furnace Skimmer, Melting Operator, Metal Furnace Operator, Metal Melter, Metal Off Bearer, Metal Reclamation Kettle Tender, Metal Refiner, Metal Roaster, Metal Smelter, Muffle Worker, Muffler Hand, Muffler Tender, Oil Burner, Oil Burner Journeyman, Open Hearth Furnace Operator, Open Hearth Melter, Open Hearth Worker, Operating Technician (Operating Tech), Ore Charger, Ore Dryer, Ore Roaster, Ore Smelter, Ore Storage Drier, Oven Heater, Oven Operator, Oven Tender, Oven Worker, Oxygen Furnace Operator, Pig Furnace Operator, Pig Machine Operator, Pipe Out Worker, Pipe Recovery Specialist, Plunger, Poler, Pot Feeder, Pot Filler, Pot Operator, Pot Puller, Pot Puncher, Pot Room Tapper, Pot Tender, Puddler, Pull Up Hand, Puller Out, Puncher, Pusher Runner, Pyrometer Operator, Rabbler, Reclamation Furnace Operator, Reduction Furnace Operator, Refiner, Reheat Furnace Operator, Remelt Worker, Remelter, Residue Furnace Operator, Retort Cooler, Retort Fireman, Retort Furnace Operator, Retort Loader, Retort Pre-Cooker, Reverberatory Furnace Operator, Roaster, Rodman, Ross Furnace Operator, Rotary Furnace Operator, Rotary Kiln Operator, Scrap Charger, Scrap Kettle Tender, Scruff Worker, Shove Up, Sinter Machine Operator, Slag Skimmer, Slagger, Smelter, Smelter Charger, Smelter Operator, Steel Melter, Stirrer, Stove Tender, Tin Recovery Worker, Topper, Vacuum Melter, Vessel Operator, Zinc Furnace Charger, Zinc Skimmer.