Metal Workers and Plastic Workers, All Other

Metal Workers and Plastic Workers, All Other

All metal workers and plastic workers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Manufacturing, Administrative & Support Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Anvil Seating Press Operator, Arbor Press Operator, Assembly Machine Tender, Automatic Engraver, Automatic Wheel Line Operator, Balancer, Balancing Machine Operator, Bale Tie Machine Operator, Ballistics Laboratory Gunsmith, Band Maker, Barbed Wire Machine Operator, Barrel Dedenting Machine Operator, Beading Machine Operator, Bench Loom Weaver, Bench Machine Operator, Bench Worker, Bit Shaver, Bit Tapper, Blacksmith, Blacksmith Apprentice, Bloom Conveyor Operator, Bobbin Winder Tender, Body Maker Machine Setter, Boiler Riveter, Bolt Header, Bradder, Bulk Sealer Operator, Bull Riveter, Bullet Assembly Press Operator, Bullet Assembly Press Setter-Operator, Bullet Grooving-Sizing-and-Lubricating-Machine Operator, Bushing Press Operator, Cable Machine Operator, Cable Strander, Cable Swager, Cable Weaver, Cage Maker, Machine, Carbon Blocks Press Operator, Carnallite Plant Operator, Case Preparer and Liner, Centrifugal Control Switch Machine Operator, Chain Person, Chainman, Chandelier Maker, Charging Machine Operator, Chemical Etching Processor, Circular Saw-Edge Fuser, Coil Machine Operator, Coil Rewind Machine Operator, Coiler, Coiler Operator, Collet Maker, Collet Making Machine Operator, Control Operator, Coupling Machine Operator, Crimping Machine Operator, Crook Operator, Cupola Tapper, Design Inserter, Dicer Operator, Die Attaching Machine Tender, Discharge Door Operator, Discharging Machine Operator, Display Screen Fabricator, Door Machine Operator, Drier Operator, Drifter, Drivematic Machine Operator, Dross Skimmer, Dust Collector, Dust Collector Treater, Dynamic Balancer, Dynamite Cartridge Crimper, Electric Sealing Machine Operator, Electrical Discharge Machine Operator, Electrical Discharge Machine Set Up Operator, Electrical Discharge Machine Setup Operator, Electrolytic Etcher, Electronic Equipment Set-Up Operator, Embossing Machine Operator, Embossing Toolsetter, Equipment Operator, Expanding Machine Operator, Extrusion Die Repairer, Fabric Machine Operator, Fence Machine Operator, Fence Maker, Fence Making Machine Operator, Film Casting Operator, Fishing Accessories Maker, Fixture Maker, Flanging Roll Operator, Foam Machine Operator, Four-Slide Machine Operator, Fuse Cup Expander, Gleason Operator, Golf Club Head Former, Grooving Machine Operator, Hair Spring Winder, Hand Profiler, Hand Spring Former, Head Gauge Unit Operator, Heating Element Winder, Heddle Machine Operator, Heel Washer Stringing Machine Operator, High-Energy Forming Equipment Operator, Hobbing Press Operator, Hoop Flaring and Coiling Machine Operator, Hot Metal Mixer Operator, Hydraulic Pressure Auto Frettage Machine Operator, Hydraulic Riveter, Hydraulic Strainer Operator, Job Setter, Key Cutter, Lathe Winder, Lead Former, Loading Machine Tool Setter, Loom Setter, Lubricator Granulator, Machine Coil Assembler, Machine Etcher, Machine Hamper Maker, Machine Hoop Maker, Machine Operator, Machine Set Up Operator, Machine Setter, Machine Setter and Repairer, Machine Shop Worker, Machine Spring Former, Machined Parts Metal Sprayer, Metal Bonding Press Operator, Metal Bumper, Metal Fabricator Helper, Metal Rivet Machine Operator, Metal Riveter, Metal Riveting Machine Operator, Metal Spinner, Metal Sponge Making Machine Operator, Metal Worker, Miscellaneous Machine Operator, Monomer Purification Operator, Monomer Recovery Operator, Multi-Operation Forming Machine Operator, Multi-Operation Forming Machine Setter, Nail Assembly Machine Operator, Nail Maker, Nail Making Machine Setter, Nail Mill Worker, Nail-Making Machine Tender, Needle Leader, Needle Maker, Needlemaker, Nickel Operator, Nickel Plant Operator, Nozzle Tender, Nut Tightener, Ore Crushing Dust Collector, Pairing Machine Operator, Paperback Machine Operator, Passer, Pig Conveyor Operator, Pin Machine Operator, Pipe Production Worker, Pipeman, Planishing Press Operator, Plastic Finisher, Plastic Machine Operator, Plastic Worker, Pneumatic Riveter, Pneumatic Tool Operator, Pocket Machine Operator, Pointer Machine Operator, Pointing Machine Operator, Poke-In, Portable Pinch Riveter, Press Operator, Primer Charging Tool Setter, Printed Circuit Boards Plasma Etcher, Printed Circuit Boards Stripper-Etcher, Production Electrical Discharge Machine Operator, Production Machine Tender, Pusher, Pusher Operator, Recovery Operator, Reducing Machine Operator, Ring Stamper, Ripper, Rivet Bucker, Rivet Catcher, Rivet Driver, Rivet Machine Operator, Rivet Passer, Rivet Sticker, Rivet Tapping Machine Operator, Rivet Tester, Rivet Thrower, Rivet Tosser, Riveter, Riveting Machine Operator, Rod Puller and Coiler, Roll Over Press Operator, Roper Operator, Safety Pin Assembling Machine Operator, Sample Body Builder, Sandblast Operator, Sandblast or Shotblast Equipment Tender, Scale Assembly Set-Up Worker, Scale Shooter, Scarfing Machine Operator, Scrap Baller, Scrap Handler, Screen Machine Operator, Seamless Tube Roller, Semiconductor Bonder, Set Up Worker, Sheeter Operator, Shell Mold Bonding Machine Operator, Shoe Sticks Repairer, Shot Polisher and Inspector, Shotblast Equipment Operator, Shredding Floor Equipment Operator, Slat Twister, Socket Puller, Spaghetti Machine Operator, Spindle Frame Carver, Spindle Maker, Spiral Spring Winder, Spiral Weaver, Spool Winder, Spring Coiler, Spring Coiling Machine Setter, Spring Former, Spring Machine Operator, Spring Maker, Stapler, Stapling Machine Operator, Steel Checker, Straight Line Press Setter, Straight Pin Making Machine Operator, Stranding Machine Operator, Stretch Machine Operator, Stretcher-Leveler Operator, Strip Tank Tender, Sweep Press Operator, Tack Maker, Tank House Operator, Tank Riveter, Tank Tender, Tapper, Tensioning Machine Operator, Thermal Cutting Machine Operator, Thread Roller, Tin Recovery Worker, Tool Dresser, Tool Machine Setup Operator, Tool Setter, Torsion Spring Coiling Machine Setter, Trimmer, Trimmer Operator, Truer, Tube Cleaning Operator, Tubular Riveter, Twist Maker, Twisting Machine Operator, Type Rolling Machine Operator, Universal Winding Machine Operator, Wheelabrator Operator, Wire Bender, Wire Mesh Knitter, Wire Preparation Machine Tender, Wire Strander, Wire Stripping Machine Operator, Wire Weaver, Wire Weaving Loom Setter, Wire Winding Machine Operator, Wire Winding Machine Tender, Wire Worker, Zipper Machine Operator.