Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air/Weapons Specialists and Crew Members, All Other

Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air/Weapons Specialists and Crew Members, All Other

All military enlisted tactical operations and air/weapons specialists and crew members not listed separately.

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Job Family Military Specific

Sample Job Titles Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Specialist (AFCS), Advanced Military Source Operations Specialist (AMOS), Aerospace Physiological Technician, Air Launch Weapons Technician, Air Support Operations Operator, Airborne Sensor Specialist, Antitank Assault Gunner, Armament Weapons Support Equipment Technician, Armor Reconnaissance Specialist, Army Ranger, Artillery or Naval Gunfire Observer, ASW Operations Center Electronic Warfare Analyst, ASW Operations Center Equipment Operator, Aviation Survival Technician, Camouflage Specialist, Chemical Operations Specialist, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Specialist, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN)Specialist, Combat Direction Finding System (AN/SRS-1) Operator, Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Crewmember, Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Noncommissioned Officer, Communication Signals Intelligence, Counter Intelligence Agent, Counterintelligence Agent, Counterintelligence/Humint Specialist, Cryptographic Center Specialist, Cryptologic Digital Network Technician/Analyst, Cryptologic Technician, Cryptologic Technician Technical, Cv/Cvn Cv-Tsc System Operator, Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator, Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Intercept Operator/Analyst, Electronic Intelligence Interceptor/Analyst, Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation, Electronic Warfare Specialist, Electronics Warfare Technician, Expeditionary Warfare Intelligence Specialist, Field Artillery Operations Specialist, Fire Control Technician, Flash Ranging Crewmember, Flight Operations Specialist, GWOT IA/ILO Intelligence Support, GWOT IA/ILO Intelligence Support, Not Deployed, GWOT/IA Joint Special Operations Task Force Member-Deployed, In-Flight Refueling Operator, Infantry Indirect Fire Crewmember, Infantry Operations Specialist, Infantry Weapons Crewmember, Infantryman, Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Clerk, Intelligence Specialist, Intermediate Technical ELINT (TECHELINT) Analysis Technician, Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Reconnaissance System Operator (JCBRNRS) LAV Operator, Landing Support Specialist, Light Air Defense Artillery Crewmember, Marine, Mercenary, Military Source Operations Specialist (MSOS), Multi Sensor Operator, Multi-Discipline Counter-Intelligence Operator/Analyst, Multi-Sensor Operator, National Guard Member, Navy Tactical Human Intelligence (Humint) Specialist, Network Intelligence Analyst, Operational Intelligence (OPINTEL) Analyst, Operations Intelligence, OUTBOARD System Operator, P-3 Armament/Ordnance IMA Technician, Parachute Rigger, Powered Bridge Specialist, Presidential Support Specialist, Psychological Operations Non-Commissioned Officer, Psychological Operations Noncommissioned Officer, Psychological Operations Specialist, Recruit Instructor, Riverine Assault Craft (RAC) Crewman, Rubber and Plastics Worker, S3B Multi-Sensor Operator, SEAMARK Advanced Operator Maintainer, Shipboard Chemical, Biological and Radiological-Defense (CBR-D) Operations and Training Specialist, Shipboard Intelligence Analyst, Signalman, Signals Collector/Analyst, Signals Intelligence Analyst, Smoke and Flame Specialist, Soldier, Sound Ranging Crewmember, Special Communication Signals Collection Operator/Analyst, Special Intelligence System Administrator/Communicator, Strategic Debriefing Specialist (SDS), Strike Intermediate Armament Maintenanceman, Subsurface Augmentee ELINT Operator, Subsurface Augmentee Operator, Tactical Debriefer, Tactical/Mobile (Tacmobile) Ashore Analysis Systems Operator, Target Aircraft Technician, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Specialist, Unattended Ground Sensor Specialist.