Mixing and Blending Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

Mixing and Blending Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

Set up, operate, or tend machines to mix or blend materials, such as chemicals, tobacco, liquids, color pigments, or explosive ingredients.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Stress Tolerance * Cooperation * Integrity * Independence * Initiative * Self Control * Concern for Others * Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks * Weigh or measure materials, ingredients, or products to ensure conformance to requirements. * Observe production or monitor equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation. * Dump or pour specified amounts of materials into machinery or equipment.


Construction, Government,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Abrasive Mixer, Acetylene Cylinder Packing Mixer, Acid Adjuster, Acid Blower, Acid Mixer, Alum Operator, Ammonia Worker, Asphalt Blender, Asphalt Mixer, Asphalt Mixing Machine Operator, Auger Mill Operator, Automatic Brine Mixer Operator, Auxiliary Equipment Tender, Banbury Machine Operator, Banbury Mill Operator, Banbury Mixer Operator, Banbury Operator, Barratte Operator, Batch Attendant, Batch Blender, Batch Maker, Batch Mixer, Batch Room Technician, Bath Mixer, Batter Mixer, Beater Engineer, Beater Engineer Helper, Binder Technician, Bleach Maker, Bleach Mixer, Bleach-Liquor Maker, Blender, Blender Conveyor Operator, Blender Machine Operator, Blender Operator, Blending Line Attendant, Blending Machine Operator, Blending Operator, Blending Plant Operator, Blending Tank Tender, Blending Technician, Blow-Up Operator, Blunger, Board Mixer Tender, Boss Dyer, Bran Mixer, Breading Machine Tender, Brine Maker, Brine Mixer Operator, Broth Mixer, Bulk Plant Operator, Bulk Station Operator, Bullet Lubricant Mixer, Candy Maker Helper, Candy Puller, Carbide Powder Processor, Carbon Paste Mixer Operator, Carbon Plant Grinder, Carbonation Equipment Tender, Casing Fluid Tender, Catalyst Concentration Operator, Caustic Mixer, CD Storage and Materials Make-Up Helper, CD Technician, Cellophane Bath Mixer, Cement Mixer, Cheesemaker Helper, Chemical Mixer, Chemical Operator, Chemical Preparer, Chili Powder Mixer, Chip Mixing Machine Operator, Chopping Machine Operator, Churn Tender, Churner, Cistern Room Operator, Clay Maker, Clay Miller, Clay Mixer, Clay Puddler, Clay Stain Mixer, Clay Worker, Coagulating Bath Mixer, Coater Associate, Coater Operator, Coating Mixer, Coating Mixer Tender, Coating Operator, Cocoa Powder Mixer Operator, Color Developer, Color Drum Worker, Color Maker, Color Mixer, Color Paste Mixer, Composition Mixer, Composition Worker, Compound Finisher, Compound Mixer, Compound Specialist, Compounder, Conche Operator, Concrete Batcher, Concrete Mixer, Concrete Mixer Operator, Continuous Churn Buttermaker, Cooler Tender, Cosmetic Maker, Cream Maker, Crusher and Blender Operator, Crutcher, Devil Tender, Dextrine Mixer, Diamond Blender, Diamond Powder Mixer, Dip Dyer, Dope Mixer, Dough Brake Machine Operator, Dough Mixer, Dough Mixer Operator, Dross Puller, Dry Color Mixer, Dry Food Products Mixer, Dry Mixer, Dry Primer Powder Blender, Dry Starch Operator, Dust Mixer, Dustless Operator, Dye Maker, Dye Mixer, Dye Weigher, Dyer, Emulsion Operator, Extract Mixer, Feather Mixer, Feed Blender, Feed Mixer, Fertilizer Mixer, Finishing Area Operator, Flavor Extractor, Flavorer, Flour Blender, Flour Mixer, Fluorescent Solution Mixer, Flux Mixer, Foam Rubber Curer, Foam Rubber Mixer, Foamite Mixer, Formula Weigher, Formulator, Frit Burner, Frit Mixer, Frit Mixer and Burner, Frothing Machine Operator, Fur Dyer, Gasoline Catalyst Operator, Gasoline Finisher, Glaze Maker, Glaze Mixer, Grain Mixer, Granulator, Granulator Machine Operator, Grease Maker, Green Coffee Blender, Ground Mixer, Gum Mixer, Gum Rolling Machine Operator, Gunite Mixer, Gunite Nozzle Operator, Hair Mixer, Hide Dyer, Hot Mix Operator, Icing Mixer, Ink Blender, Ink Maker, Insecticide Maker, Insecticide Mixer, Issuing Operator, Jet Dyeing Machine Operator, Kettle Tender, Laboratory Technician, Lacquer Maker, Lime Mixer, Lime Mixer Tender, Lime Plant Operator, Lime Slaker, Lime Sludge Mixer, Liquid Sugar Fortifier, Liquid Sugar Melter, Lozenge Dough Mixer, Macerator Operator, Machine Operator, Machine Paint Mixer, Machine Plaster Mixer, Machine Sand Mixer, Make Up Operator, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Manufacturing Technician, Margarine Churn Operator, Marinator, Mash Grinder, Master Dyer, Material Mixer, Meat Blender, Metal Bonding Crib Attendant, Metal Mixer, Mill Feeder, Miller, Mincemeat Maker, Mingler Operator, Mix House Tender, Mixer, Mixer and Blender, Mixer Lever Operator, Mixer Operator, Mixer Runner, Mixer Tender, Mixing House Operator, Mixing Machine Feeder, Mixing Machine Operator, Mixing Machine Tender, Mixing Operator, Mixing Plant Operator, Mixing Roll Operator, Mixing Tank Operator, Mixing Tumbler Operator, Molding Machine Tender, Mortar Mixer, Mortar Mixer Operator, Mottler Operator, Mud Cleaner Operator, Mud Mill Tender, Mud Mixer, Mud Mixer Operator, Mud Plant Operator, Mulling Machine Operator, Nitrate Operator, Nitrating Acid Mixer, Nitroglycerin Distributor, Noodle Press Operator, Oakes Machine Operator, Oil Mixer, Ore Mixer, Package Dyeing Machine Operator, Paint Maker, Paper Colorer, Paste Maker, Paste Mixer, Peanut Butter Maker, Pearl Glue Operator, Perfume Compounder, Perfume Maker, Pickling Solution Maker, Pigment Mixer, Plant Operator, Plaster Mixer, Plastic Mixer, Plasticator, Polish Compounder, Polish Maker, Polishing Machine Tender, Porcelain Mixer, Powder Blender, Powder Blender and Pourer, Powder Mixer, Powder Worker, Powerhouse Helper, Process Operator, Process Tank Tender, Process Worker, Production Operator, Puddler, Pug Machine Operator, Pug Mill Operator, Pug Mill Operator Helper, Pugger, Pulp Grinder and Blender, Pulp Mixer, Pulp Refiner Operator, Pulper, Pulverizing and Sifting Operator, Putty Maker, Putty Mixer, Reagent Tender, Reducer, Refined Syrup Operator, Refractory Mixer, Relish Blender, Resin Mixer, Restrictive Preparation Operator, Roof Cement and Paint Maker, Rouge Mixer, Rubber Compounder Mixer, Rubber Mill Tender, Rubber Mixer, Sagger Preparer, Sand Conditioner, Sand Control Worker, Sand Cutter Operator, Sand Mill Grinder, Sand Mill Operator, Sand Miller, Sand Operator, Sand Sifter, Sausage Maker, Sausage Mixer, Scratcher Tender, Screener and Blender, Seal Mixer, Seasoning Mixer, Silica Spray Mixer, Silver Solution Mixer, Sinter Machine Operator, Size Maker, Size Mixer, Size Worker, Slaker, Slate Mixer, Slime Plant Operator, Slip Maker, Slip Mixer, Slurry Control Tender, Slurry Mixer, Snack Foods Mixer Operator, Snuff Blender, Soap Maker, Soda Room Operator, Solution Maker, Solution Mixer, Solutions Operator, Solvent Mixer, Spice Mixer, Sponge Buffer, Spray Mixer, Stain Maker, Starch Treating Assistant, Stock Preparation Operator (Stock Prep Operator), Supply Controller, Sweeping Compound Blender, Syrup Maker, Syrup Mixer, Tank Worker, Tankroom Worker, Tanning Solution Maker, Tetryl Dissolver Operator, Textile Colorist Dyer, Thinner, Tinter, Tobacco Blender, Tracer Powder Blender, Tumbler Operator, Tumbler Tender, Unleavened Dough Mixer, Varnish Mixer, Varnish Thinner, Vinegar Maker, Wax Blender, Weigher and Mixer, Weigher Bulker, Wet Mixer, Wet Pour Mixer, Wet Primer Powder Blender, Wet-End Operator, Wheel Mill Operator, Whipped Topping Finisher, Whipped Topping Mixer, Wine Fermenter.